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Authentique-Wrinkle Repair Lifting Eyecream with Galvanic Rejuvenator-1 SET

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Authentique, luxurious home aesthetic skincare solution for you

*. Expiration date: ~2025/01/24

Wrinkle Repair Lifting Eye Cream
with Galvanic Rejuvenator
“High-efficiency, cost-effective home esthetic solution for you”

☑ Patented applicator with Iontophoresis + Micro-vibration effects delivers active ingredients deep into the skin
☑ Based on plant stem cell cultures extract and the most prestigious active ingredients including Prebiotics, White truffle, Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, and more.
☑ Advanced prescription from Intercos group, No.1 global luxury cosmetics manufacturer certified in Good Manufacturing Practices and ISO22716.
☑ Dermatologically tested, delicately improves wrinkles and elasticity without skin irritation.
☑ Functional cosmetics for wrinkle improvement certified by the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety


[Authentique Galvanic Rejuvenator Mechanism]
No matter how expensive and effective the formula is if it only stays on the skin surface, one’s skin will never improve dramatically. For more effective wrinkle improvement and long-lasting moist and firm skin, active ingredients need to penetrate deep into the skin layer.

Authentique Galvanic Rejuvenator Mechanism

  • Micro-current Iontophoresis
    Iontophoresis technology increases the absorption rate and deeply penetrates active ingredients into the skin layer by ionizing cosmetics with microcurrents.
  • Touch Automation Galvanic System
    Enjoy it anytime, anywhere with a touch galvanic system that works by itself simply by holding the metal part of the device and gently massaging your skin.
  • 12,000/min Micro vibration
    12,000/min of micro-vibration tightens muscles and promotes collagen production to reduce fine lines and improve skin elasticity.

[Anti-aging concentrate with the most prestigious ingredients]
“Advanced formula packed with the most prestigious active ingredients”

  • Cleopatra's Beauty Secret, Shea Butter 7%
      Shea butter, rich in natural vitamins,  adds beautiful radiance and nutrition to tired skin.
  • ‘Applicable Botox’, Acetyl Hexapeptide-8
      Works on nerve cells in the muscles to improve skin elasticity
  • 8 different types of hyaluronic complex
      Replenishes moisture to the depths of the skin.
  • Prebiotics & Bifida Ferment Filtrate
      Increases the activity of beneficial bacteria and strengthen the skin's immune system
  • White truffle & Vitamin C
      Brightens up dark circles and tired eye areas
  • Squalan & Camellia Japonica Flower Extract
      Protect skin barrier to keep moisture locked in


[ Beyond global standards, enjoy true luxury ]
For your precious skin, Authentique Wrinkle Repair Lifting Eye Cream is formulated and produced with the world's best cosmetics production facility - Intercos Korea.
As the No.1 cosmetics manufacturer in the world, Intercos has a world-class skincare production and R&D institution. 
Intercos group has provided formulas and production for world-renowned luxury brands, such as Dior, Lancôme, Chanel, Armani, Estée Lauder, and more.
[ Key Ingredient "Hibiskin Vita" - Restore your Collagen-Contraction Force ]
Authentique Eye Cream contains 5,000ppm of ‘Hibiskin Vita’, the novel active ingredient derived from a concentrated extract of Hibiscus syriacus cell cultures, developed by the Italian research institute ‘Vitalab’.
As the world's leading research institute of biotechnology in the field of cosmetics, ‘Vitalab’ is dedicated to the research of plant stem cell cultivation and active substance extraction. 
Hibiskin Vita works quickly to restore your lost Collagen Contraction Force, for smooth and tighten skin to look naturally younger.

  • 32%↑ increase in collagen contraction in young fibroblast
  • 62%↑ increase in the synthesis of Pro-Collagen I- Expression
  • Induces the expression of Aquaporin3 and Filaggrin by 30%↑ and 80%↑

[ Luxurious home esthetic session every day]

  • Total anti-wrinkle care for the entire face
    Not only the wrinkles around the eyes, but Authentique Rejuvenator is also applicable for the entire face wherever there are elasticity and wrinkle concerns including the nasolabial folds, the forehead, and the wrinkles on the neck.
  • Skincare in style; portable anti-aging solution
    Easily carry it around in your bag and pouch. 
    It is a semi-permanent portable beauty device that can be used anytime, anywhere without additional parts or equipment.
  • Luxurious home esthetic session every day
    With the special applicator of Authentique Eye Cream, enjoy the excellent effects of micro-current iontophoretic galvanic massage & 12,000/min of micro-vibration every day as if you are treated in a professional esthetic shop.
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