[FOODOLOGY] Coleology, Cutting Calories, Health Functional Food, 60 Tablets

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Sold by Adapt Korea

We are here to solve your problems.In order to accomplish it, we have prepared best-selling brands in Korea such as SKINBUILDERS, CLEAN & BLOCK, BLACK HOLE, 95PROBLEM, FOODOLOGY, and others. They are all our own KOREA Brands and we, Adapt Korea, have all the rights.We hope that your headache problems can be solved when you are with us! All the products you order will be delivered from Korea. Thank you so much. Adapt Inc.


[FOODOLOGY] Coleology, Cutting Calories, Health Functional Food, 60 Tablets

Product Description

  • Healthy Weight Management - Forskolin is a compound derived from Coleus Forskohlii, a plant that has been used for health and wellness for 4000 years. It may help your weight stay at a normal level.

  • Helps Break Down Excess Fat - By helping promote the burning of extra calories, forskolin can help trim pounds you don't need. Paired with a healthy diet and exercise, it can help increase your lean body mass.

  • Promotes Energy Efficiency - As forskolin helps in breaking down excess body fats, it also turns fat into energy. This energy supports your metabolism, allowing your body to burn more calories each day.

  • Curbs Hunger Cravings - Cut out the junk and unhealthy food from your diet. The forskolin extract in this supplement may help you feel full for longer, which in turn may keep you from overeating.

  • Nourishes Your Body - Beyond forskolin, our forskolin extract supplement is also rich in B Vitamins, Selenium, Pantothenic Acid, and a blend of 20 vegetable ingredients that support daily wellness.


Are cravings getting the best out of your diet and workout?

You just stepped out of the gym in dripping sweat, and the first thing that comes to mind is food. You eat your meal plan but still feel hungry. You feel the urge to eat more and be tempted to snack on the next bag of chips you see. All of these sound and feel familiar to you?

Our body relies on food for energy, so it is perfectly normal to feel hunger cravings as our body seeks fuel. But this may lead to going overboard on your diet plan. To maintain the deficit you need, you can take supplements that help you stay on top of your fitness plan.

Support your diet and exercise with Foodology Coleology.

Forskolin aids your weight loss efforts by burning excess calories you don't need. The compound works hard to block these excess calories from becoming stored fat, instead of turning them into a source of energy. An increase in energy can help you push harder and faster at the gym, which in turn can help you tone and sculpt the physique of your dreams.

The Coleus Forskohlii extract in our supplement works with our five other main ingredients: Selenium, Pantothenic acid, Vitamins B1, B2, and B6. These are essential sources of energy that you may be lacking due to certain diet limitations or choices.

Aside from our main ingredients, Coleology is infused with a supplemental material of 20 types of vegetables. This antioxidant-rich blend of extracts, which contains fingerroot, cinnamon, hibiscus, and aloe vera, works synergistically for your general wellbeing.

Still not convinced? Here are more reasons to love our dietary supplement:

- Has accumulated 600,000 sales since its launch in 2018
- Has amassed an estimated 10 million dollars in sales in just 4 years
- No caffeine content
- Uses raw materials from US, Europe, and Canada

Support your body through your weight loss journey. Add Foodology Coleology to your daily routine.


*Self Life : 21 DEC. 2023

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