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[darakwon] Korean Made Easy for Everyday Life, 2nd edition (Spanish ver.)


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Darakwon is a leading Korean publisher specializing in English, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese language learning materials. Since its founding in 1977, Darakwon has striven to meet the ever-changing demands of language learners through its innovative products and services. Not only has Darakwon developed premium language books, but it has also created first-rate online learning products and services. Darakwon has published more than 3,000 foreign language titles alongside multimedia study resources and provided about 500 e-learning lectures for English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and French. 

Author : Oh Seung-eun
Book page : 296 pages
Supplement : Free MP3 Download

This book is a part of the Korean Made Easy series, a bestseller in self-study Korean language books., now published in a Spanish version for Spanish speakers. This volume helps beginner and intermediate students learn Korean through examples of real-life situations. Part 1 deals with 50 expressions which are very often used in everyday situations, and readers may even practice conversations skills with these expressions. Part 2 introduces 24 conversational examples visitors are likely to experience in Korea, along with vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar and cultural content that are useful in real-life situations.

*A customized Korean vocabulary book for Spanish speakers!**
For Spanish-speaking students who wish to become fluent in conversational Korean, the book provides a customized tool for learning Korean.

*Developing conversational skills by practicing real-life situations!**
The book allows beginning to intermediate students (A2~B1) who have knowledge of Hangul, tense and basic elements to learn practical conversational Korean. The “grammar rehearsal” and “conversation rehearsal” parts provide practice for vocabulary and grammar, ultimately resulting in increased communication skills.

*Conversations are provided in both slow pace and regular pace for enhanced listening skills!**
Part 2 offers two versions of conversations; once slow and then at regular speed so students may understand the audio better. Students may also repeatedly listen to the pronunciation of native speakers using the QR code, for enhanced listening skills.

*A fun way to understand the cultural background of the Korean language!**
In the final part of each chapter in part 2, various information about Korean life and culture is provided in Spanish to help students better understand Korea and Koreans in general. A fun way to self-study! 



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