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Nail POP Paper & Cartridge 1EA (10 Sheets - 80 Nail Tips)


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Sold by dsglobal


Print more of your nail designs on the go with the Nail POP Paper & Cartridge.

Works exclusively with Nail POP device.

The paper is eco-friendly material, water-resistant, and strong against tears.

The pack is small and lightweight, making it easy to bring with you.

Print Instantly

Get fast, reliable printing with this Nail POP Paper & Cartridge.

Easily load the paper into your Nail POP device and continue to get beautiful, durable nail designs. 


Nail-Pop uses eco-friendly material, Polyurethane, for the paper, which is durable and highly elastic.

Nail-POP is water-proof so even when you are washing your hands or doing the dishes, it does not come apart like ordinary sticker nails.

  • How to Use : 

       1) Slide the top cover of Nail POP device to remove

       2) Remove the Blue Tape before insert a cartridge

       3) Insert the cartridge to correct position until hearing a 'click' sound

       4) Press and hold the power button until the LEDs light up

  • Type : Nail Printer Cartridge
  • Material : Plastic casing + print ribbon + polyurethan paper 
  • Composition : Nail POP cartridge and paper (10 sheets)
  • Battery Usage : Nail POP Paper & Cartridge does not use battery
  • Handling Precautions :

       Make sure to remove the Blue Tape before insert a cartridge into Nail POP device. 

       Only use Nail POP cartridge with the device to avoid paper jams and malfunctions. Make sure to use genuine Nail POP paper. 

       In the case of a paper jam, do not pull on the paper. Instead, turn the device off and on again to automatically eject the paper.

       Do not pull the paper out of the device during printing.

       If spills or moisture collect on a paper, wipe it away as soon as possible to prevent color damage. 

       Keep paper clean and free of damage for best print quality. 

       Adult supervision is recommended when the product is being used by young children.

       Keep the cartridge clear of high temperatures and moisture. 

  • Release date of the model : Apr 2021
  • Manufacturer : DSGlobal
  • Item weight : 0.07kg
  • Dimensions (Product) : 39.5 x 148 x 101mm (W x D x H)
  • Dimensions (Package) : 153 x 198 x 69mm (W x D x H)
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