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This incredible Korean series, Squid Game has attracted more than 142-million households and is now Netflix's most-watched series to date.

Squid game starts with a mysterious invitation to people who have failed to pay their debt to join the game. Participants are locked in an unknown place, where their only way out is to become a final winner with a huge fortune. Multiple Korean traditional children's games such as Red Light, Green Light are included, but the consequence of losing... is death. Who will be the winner, and what was the purpose behind this game?

Danilo is pleased to offer this Squid Game Official 2022 Square Wall Calendar that is full of the most distinct icons seen in the series, from the basic shapes on the Red Guards, to the playful patterns and iconography seen on-set. This calendar allows you to write all your notes and appointments for 2022. This is a perfect gift for any Squid Game Fan.

Calendar dimensions: 305mm X 305mm

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