O2MATE - After Sunshine Cooling Spray 100ml


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AFTER SUNSHINE COOLING SPRAY has proven to help cooling(lowering temperature) after one use.

How to use : 

  1. Use frequently on skin trouble areas : Close your eyes and spray 15 to 20cm away from the troubled area.
  2. In order to get a quick and reliable cooling and soothing effect, spray intensively until the heat of the skin disappears.
  3. If you use it after refrigeration, you can get a stronger cooling and soothing effect.

Box size(mm) : 38*38*158

Volume : 100ml

Expiration date : 2024.07.19

After sunshine cooling spray is a cosmetic product developed from a recipe that Korean medical doctors have been using as a treatment for skin diseases for nearly 20 years. It is a "cosmeceutical" beyond a mere cosmetics.


From hives, aleergies, skin rashes, itching to burns. After Sunshine Cooling Spray made from natural herbal medicine that has been loved by patient for nearly 20 years as a first-aid kit that remove heat from the skin.

  • Acquired the French EVE Vegan Certification
  • Skin hypoaleergenic test result Non-irritant certified
  • More than 95% of naturally derived ingredients
  • Passed the skin cooling(temperature reduction) test
  • Anti-aging effect to prevent skin aging has been confirmed
  • Applied a patent for After Sunshine Spray as a cosmetic to relieve sunburns

Powerful Natural Ingredeints!

  • Potato extract : Rich in vitamin C / Excellent skin whitening & soothing effects
  • Cucumber extract : Excellent skin moisturizing, soothing & cooling effects
  • Rice bran extract : Skin moisturizing functional ingredeint certified by K-MFDS

The moment you need the After Sunshine Cooling Spray :

  1. For outdoor activities exposed to sunlight for a long time such as golf, surfing, swimming, cycling, running, tracking, climbing or driving.
  2. For children when foing on a field trip, taking a walk or playing in the ground.
  3. When you have a severe sunburn or reddened even after applying sunscreen.

Handling Precutions : 

  • If you are concerned about skin irritation or sunburn, use before and after exposure to sunlight and heat.
  • The spray may irritate the eyes so be careful when spraying it.
  • When using on the face of an infant or a child, it is recommended to spray on a guardian's hand first and apply it on the child's face.
  • Storage : Avoid direct sunlight and store in a cool palce.
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