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BTH-101T- Electrolyzed Hydrogen Generator Tumbler Type

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High efficiency of electrolysis method

-There are many ways to make the electrolyzed hydrogen water.

Above all, we use the electolysis method proven electrolyzed hydrogen water generation and hydrogen conservation.

We are the specialized company for Alakaline water ionizer and electrolyzed hydrogen water dispenser. We produce the high quality product with our high-technology.

Biontech's Electrolyzed hydrogen water Advantages:

1. Dry membrane, the first in the field. 

1) It prevents the bacterial growth for long-term moisture.

2) It prevents the crack phenomenon that can be caused by long-term use.

3) It generates the hydrogen water in a short-time for the membrane's wide cross sectional area.


2. Natural Platinum Coated Electrode

1) It can be used semi-permanetly for the thickness platinum coated electrode in Korea.

2) It can be helpful to absorb the water quickly and to discharge the body waste using minimized water molecule(cluster) technology.

3) When disassembled water, the abundant dissolved hydrogen holds an active oxygen. It can be helpful for your health. 


3. Sophisicated and compact body

- Made in slim and compact body. Easy to carry. Convenient to use anywhere, any time.


4. HIgh concentration of electrolyzed hydrogen water

- Fresh in a short time. You can drink high concentraion of drinking water.


5. Simple power ON/OFF

1) Turn 'Clean button' for 5 seconds. 

2) The battery can last up to 7 days.


6. Lithium Ion Battery Control Chip (1,200mAa)

1) Used the high-riced battery chip of international progressive battery's company.

2) Safe to use for the battery's stabilization.

3) 5-7 days for use in charging for 2 hours. 


7. Eco-friendly ECOZEN BOTTLE

- Biontech considers yourr health andd globaal environment using ECOZEN


8. Strong in water/comfortable use

  • It's easy to use comfortable and safe for the magnetic charging cable.


9. Product specification 

  • How to use : Simple poswer ON/OFF
  1. Turn 'Clean button' for 5 seconds.
  2. The battery can last up to 7 days. 
  3. Please use the magnetic cabel in enclosed package.


  •  Type - Hydrogen water generator Tumbler type (Electronics)


  • Material - Hydrogen generator : Titanium plate/Main body : ABS


  • Composition - Main body, adapter(for charging) and user manual (including the product warranty)


  • KC Certification No. - R-R-btp-BTH-101T


  • Rated Voltage/Power Consumption - 220V 


  • Handling Precautions : 

·USB Magnetic Charging Cable. Failure to do so may result in performance abnormality or failure of the product.
·Avoid placing this product near magnetic objects.
·Do not place heavy objects on the product.
·Place the product on a flat surface.
·Check if there is any leakage after installation.
·Keep the product in a well ventilated area.
·Avoid places where water is easily frozen.
·Do not use this product in a humid or wet area.
·Do not put the main product body and its chager under water or wash them.
·Do not operate the product when the water tank is without water.
·When the water tank is secured to the main body, the pressure in the water tank could go up 
during use. For this reason, do not generate hydrogen more than 3 consecutive times for one tank of water.
·Avoid placing the hydrogen generator near the sharp objects. It may cause damage to the product.
·Do not apply excessive force or physical pressure on the product.
·Keep the product away from children and pets.


  • Release date of the model : 2018


  • Manufacturer : BionTech Co., Ltd


  • Item weight : 295g


  • Dimensions (Product/Package) : D 70(mm) X W 70(mm) X H 216(mm)
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