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As a result of the company's CEO experiencing hair loss and experimenting directly with self scalp, CEO made hair tonics and shampoo that helped strengthen hair roots and improve scalp. Finally, hair tonic Naramo was released, and Narahyang continued to research because of the smell of the elderly of her parents and released a two-in-one product that can be used for her body and hair. As the age of hair loss decreases, it is made of healthy ingredients such as herbal extracts without worrying about the side effects of chemical products so that men and women of all ages can use it safely. Shampoo and body wash were also made using natural extracts such as natural surfactants. Naracosmedi products are products that are made by researching because they are necessary. The most important focus was on safety so that my family could use it with confidence when developing the product, and I made efforts to make a good product by thinking once more. Naramo and Narahyang are products that suit the tastes of genuine consumers who seek good ingredients. Naracosmedi will continue to meet consumer needs with various products in the future.


-Volum / Qty  : 400ml
-Made in  : korea
-Main ingredients  :  Rhus Semialata Extract, etc
-Product composition  : -
-Expiration date : 2 year


  1. Bodywash and shampoo (two-in-one)

  2. Eliminates body odor.

     (Odor caused by aging, puberty, sweat, or unhealthy scalp)

     *Body odor is the body’s way of secreting waste, and using normal bodywash is not enough to get rid of the smell

  3. Keep the hair soft even if you don’t use a hair conditioner

  4. Even if you don't use body lotion, your skin is smooth.

  5. It uses natural surfactants to reduce skin irritations

    *It does not use Chemical ingredients

     (patent application)

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