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tofume - solid natural bathroom odor eliminator, deodorizer (30tablets)

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Sold by on your life

  • Solid type 100% natural essential oil bathroom air freshener, toilet deodorizer, odor eliminator
  • Just drop one or two tablets into the toilet bowl before or after you do
  • Instant bubbling offers a rich scent and aid elimination of the bad odors
  • ZERO additives such as surfactants, alcohol etc. and no harsh chemicals
  • Easy to use and carry for home, travel, public place, and rv

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tofume essential oil bathroom air freshener

solid toilet perfume
natural essential oil bathroom air freshener
#natural essential oil #without any additives in scent ingredient #bathroom deodorizer
#odor eliminator #effervescent tablet #easy to use solid-type


experience amazing performance

tofume natural essential oil bathroom odor eliminator portable


Natural essential oil

The whole new concept of tofume contains only 100% natural essential oils in scent ingredients. Seriously, it smells great.

No harsh chemicals

The tofume contains no harsh chemicals and additives such as aerosol, parabens, phthalates or formaldehyde, alcohol, and even water.


Unlike spray types, it's liquid-free. With our no-mess toilet perfume, don't worry about leaking in your bag, pouch, or place. Say good-bye to dirty hands!

Super portability

Tiny cute heart-shaped tofume is about 0.6 inches. Experience the amazing performance of tofume that you have never experienced before any time, anywhere.



Bad odor elimination and hygiene

Are you worried about these two things every time you use the bathroom? Don’t worry anymore!
With the instant foaming of tofume, only the scent components of natural essential oils are diffused into the air, and citric acid offers hygiene environment.

tofume natural essential oil toilet deodorizer hygiene


Just drop ! that's all

tofume is liquid-free, unlike spray types.
Don’t worry about leaking in your bag, pouch, or place with no-mess tofume
Say good-bye to dirty hands !


Instant powerful bubbling

  • instant bubbling when dropped into the toilet bowl
  • continuous operation of up to 5 minutes
  • thoughtful natural scent not overwhelming enough to be noticed by others



Make your bathroom at home a odor-free bathroom. Enjoy the natural scent with your family.

vacation&business trip

Don't forget to take the tofume with you! The tofume is easy to carry any places.

public place

Worried about public place's bathroom? Just drop the tofume and relax.

rv travel

Anytime, anywhere the tofume will make your toilet life comfortable.



    • ylang ylang-mint
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      the freshness of the pure and clean rosemary oil’s herbaceous scent
    • lavender
      lavender scent, most loved for its delicate and elegant floral scent, the best in the bathroom.
    • lemon eucalyptus
      refreshing lemon scent mixed with luxurious eucalyptus essential oil



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