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[Buy1+GET 1 FREE] Zero Percent Hand Sanitizer (40ml/ea)


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Sold by Zero Percent

Tong-In H&C specializes in high quality, eco-friendly, and innovative household goods such as soaps, detergents, personal care, and hygiene products. The company's 'Zero Percent' line of sanitizing and antibacterial products is becoming a household name in Korea and abroad for its quality formulation and signature packaging that's stylish, easy to carry, and looks great in the home or office.  


Fashionable / Handy / Strong Hand Sanitizer

Compact portable size
Easy to use with downward spraying liquid type
No sloppiness, No stickiness, Easily absorbed and only leaves you feeling fresh.
Up to 500 times of use upon self-experiment

Buy 1ea(40ml/ea) + Get 1 Refill Free!




Our goal is to develop an innovative and effective hand sanitizer that is functional, stylish, safe for kids, and giftable.
After careful testing and development, we are proud to introduce "Zero Percent"
Zero Percent is an easy-to-use hand sanitizer with an excellent design and delivery system that's suitable for all ages.
In addition to effective sterilization via ethanol, we added a moisturizer to prevent dry skin, especially if its used several times a day.

The World's first downward-dispensing hand sanitizer


Zero Percent is the World's first downward-dispensing hand sanitizing spray with refillable cartridges.
This gentle and effective hand sanitizer is easy to use and tough on germs with its unique dispensing system is
easily locked with a twist. It contains 70% ethyl alcohol, luxurious scents, and moisturizing skin-care properties that go beyond an ordinary hand sanitizer.


Key Features

Choose from 4 vibrant giftable colors to match any style.

Zero Percent has four colors (orange, violet, green and blue) and a clear bottle to select.
All four colored bottles have the same fresh citrus scent, but the clear bottle is fragrance-free.
Enjoy different colors to mix and match according to your home or office decor or your style.

Compact and portable size

The bottle is smaller than the average smartphone making it easy to store and carry.

Easy to use

There is a locking system to prevent liquid from leaking,
and all you have to do is twist to release the lock and spray it on your hands.


Why you will Love

Our chic design and unique push-button pump bring a unique sense of style and novelty to an essential item.


These days a hand sanitizer is a must-have, so why not make cleanliness cute, fashionable, and fun? Zero Percent's package and design help give this simple essential item an upgrade that makes it a great gift.


How to Use

1. Release the lock system before use
2. Spray to the palm of your hand
3. Rub evenly all over your hands


* One bottle can spray up to 500 times.


4types different color and same scent
(Fresh citrus scent)


Orange Color
Violet Color
Green color
Blue color
Clear color(Fragrance free)
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