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Forbeaut Spear Hair Wax Set (50g/1.76oz)

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For:Beaut is different. We are challengers against cliche, heading to the next level that other competitors  can not be chased on. Top notch ideas are developing followed by countless  studies and researches to get on the top of the industry.  For:Beaut is always new. We are focusing on young generation customers and thier "Beauty life". For:Beaut will lead to make your life easier and beautiful. Experience the ultimate "Beauty Life" simply over the product.


Style on Another Level


We set high-quality standards that aim to deliver salon-grade hair products that are second to none. Our innovative and proven product designs have made our "For:Beaut" a recognizable and respected brand.

Our focus is to make life beautiful by helping modern and stylish customers look their best. Experience the ultimate "Beauty Life" that inspires our products.


Technical Wax

Introducing For:Beaut SPEAR, Technical wax.
Choose from three different textures available: Freeze, Movement, and Pomade, leading you to a new world of styling.

Key Features

Smooth Application

Our strong but smooth hold makes any hair, thick or thin, easily manageable.

Non-Greasy formulation

Achieve styling that doesn’t look greasy.

Easily washes and rinses away.

It is developed to easily be removed when cleansing through the combination of water-soluble and natural ingredients (Rosin).

Why you will love

Wherever & Whenever

Style away with For:Beaut Spear

Easily create wave, volume, and texture. This specially designed applicator has an 11 prong detachable magic comb to get a perfect style. For:Beaut Spear will set you free from the hassle of styling and having sticky hands.

How to use

Follow these steps:

  • 1. Apply on the crown of the head first. : Hair may clump if it’s applied on the bangs first.
  • 2. Apply evenly on the top and side of head. : Move in zig-zag lines and apply all the way to the root.
  • 3. Styling bangs : Use the comb without any wax on it to style.
  • 4. Use the sub-spear to style hair on the side of your head. : There is a short spear when you open the M-shaped cap.


"For:Beaut SPEAR

  • SPEAR - 11 magic combs
    “Volume, Texture, Wave”
    11 magic combs will assist to get sharp textures and natural curls for the perfect hair style.
  • Sub-SPEAR
    "Flatten sides down"
    2cm in height, 3.2cm in diameter designed by the golden ratio No down-perm needed with sub-spears.
  • 3 TYPE Refill Wax
    “Freeze, Movement, Pomade”
    This creamy hair wax washes out easily with just water and no special shampoos or soaps are needed.Does not leave hair greasy after washing out.


Pomade Wax
HOLD ● ● ● ● ● SHINE ● ● ● ○○

Soft thickness texture for a longlasting hold Delivers easy-to-distribute matte texture, shape, and separation

Style: Side Part, Slicked Back, Comb Over Short, medium, long hair type

Movement Wax
HOLD ● ● ● ● ○ SHINE ● ●○○○

Flexible hold and low shine Provides you with clean, moldable texture and definition

Style: Dandy, Fringe, Wavy Medium hair type

Freeze Wax
HOLD ● ● ● ● ● SHINE ● ○○○○

Extra-high hold and high shine Glossy texture helps slick back unruly spots and lift up lifeless hair

Style: Crop Cut, Regent, Spiky Short hair type



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