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Ramosu -Lifting Up 30sec Mask(Solution 55ml+20 Sheets)

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Sold by RAMOSU


The face mask that be done in a 30seconds makes your skin velvety smooth and perfect base for foundation.

Applying a 30 seconds mask before putting on makeup makes your makeup look flawless and holds your makeup to the skin.

This speed mask pack is optimized for the life patterns of modern people who are busy.

Qty : 1set (55ml+20sheets)

Skin Types : For all skin

Made in South Korea

Period of use: 30 months from the date of manufacture.

Purified water, glycerin, butylene glycol, Wangmeoru root extract, sheaverter, sodium hyaluronate, macadamia seed oil, grape seed oil, cetearyl alcohol, acetylhexapeptide-8, aloeberry leaf extract, niacinamide, kelp extract, oculate extract, oculate, oculate,Lanthanum, adenosine, ethylhexane diol, glycerylcaprylate, dysodium dythiae, fragrance [unscented] purified water, glycerin, butylene glycol, wangmeoru root extract, sheaver, sodium hyaluronate, macadamia ci oil, grape seedhexaryl, acetyl, acetylHojanggeun root extract, green tea extract, licorice root extract, matricaria flower extract, rosemary leaf extract, allantoin, adenosine, ethylhexane diol, glycerylcaprylate, dysodium dia

Lifting Up 30 Mask

※ For sensitive skin, choose scent-free (flavoured free).

#OK in the Morning! Finish in 30 seconds!

You do not have to wait 15-2- minutes.
Complete your Skin care by applying,
Placing on skin and Removing the sheet!

Real Review

This is a valuable review from customers
who have purchased and used the product themselves.

#Makeup Looks Flawless~!
Long lasting Moisture~!

You can make up after applying
Lifting Up 30 Mask in the morning instantly!

Favorable comment by Makeup Artist!
It was used for makeup artists' demonstration!

Makeup Last All Day Long~!

If you don't have any effect, we will give you a refund!!
Get into the magic of a Lifting Up 30 Mask.

#No more exfoliation~!

When removing sheet, it naturally removes dead skin cells and impurities.
You can achieve glowing and radiant skin.

You don't have to use a stimulating exfoliator anymore.

#Lift Up Sagging Skin!

Adenosine and peptide, the wrinkle-improving functional ingredients,
make sagging and tired skin vibrant, plump skin.

It contains vegetable mucin extracted from kelp, Dioscorea japonica,
and Hibiscus Esculentus, so it is safe for sensitive skin to use.

Try it every day for just 10 days.
Those around you will find out your skin changes first.

#Make sure you try it!

• When tightness or dryness is not relieved.

• When skin is rough due to overtime, overnight, drying, aging, etc.

• When you want dramatic skin changes in a short period of time.

• When skin elasticity and wrinkles caused by drying and aging reduced.

• When you want clear and clean skin.

• When skin care is troublesome.

#Dry Face Mask Sheet

After applying Lifting Up Solution,
the active agents in the solution are absorbed
into the skin quickly and deeply, reducing the time
you leave the pack on the skin.

+Removes skin waste and dead cells naturally
after adsorbing onto sheet.

Be careful!
Don't do it too long like the existing mask pack.

#How to use


- The next step after washing your face.

- Do not try to absorb it, Apply with a feeling of being lightly spread.

- Attach the mask sheet to your face and press it
firmly every corner of your face with your palm.

- Put on make up your face without washing your face
after putting on a face mask.

- It is available every morning and evening.

- All-in-One Skincare! Finish with mask!

- Search ‘Ramosu Lifting up 30 mask' on YouTube.


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