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RAMOSU - Perfume Softening Conditioner Mini SET (9.5ml*9ea)

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Sold by RAMOSU


Add Fragrance and Care to Rough Hair! 

Fall in love with the scent feel silky smooth hair texture

Qty : 1set (9.5ml×9ea)

Skin Types : For all skin

Made in South Korea

★ Composition of 9 types: #01 to #09

Period of use: 30 months from the date of manufacture.

[Common] Cochinyl cactus extract, glycerin, cyclopentasiloxane, pyrogenated castor oil, amodimethicon, 1,2-hexanediol, stearamidopropyl dimethylamine, cyclohexyloxane, citrimonium chloride, trides-12, odesse extract.Linalul, alpha-isomethyl ionone, limonene, geranol, citronelol, amylcinnamal, benzyl alcohol, hydroxycitronelal [05] butylphenylmethylpropionate, linalul, hexylcinnamal, benzylalicilicate, linalulul-benzylimethyl, alphenol, alpha-limethylinene, alphenol.T, hexylcinnamal, limonene, linalul, alpha-isomethylionone, geraniol [10] limonene, benzyl benzoate, geraniol, citronol, alpha-isomethylionone, citral, linalul.

Perfume Softening Conditioner Mini 9 Set

Add Fragrance and
Care to Rough Hair!

Natural Fragrance Coming from Silky Hair like it is just shampooed

This perfume hair mist contains Jeju Cactus fermented with lactobacillus
to provide moisture and shine to dry and rough hair and blesses attractive
charming fragrance throughout the hair to moisturized,
silky and fragrant hair like it is just shampooed.

RAMOSU Perfume Softening Conditioner

Contains More than 80% of Fermented Cactus
Jeju Fermented Cactus is prescribed instead of purified water,
instantly transforming dry hair to moisturized hair.

Abundant Fragrance, Soft and Gentle Aromatic Odor
Naturally aromatic hair last for a long time like you have just shampooed.

No Oil! Silky hair without Stickiness
This refreshing moisturizing hair mist does not make your hair
sticky or clumpy even if applied often.

Silky Texture without Tangling When Brushed
If sprayed when hair is rough and tangled, the spray makes
your hair silky like you have just used hair treatment products.

NO Static Electricity! Hair Coating with Moist prevent
static electricity in your hair

The Phyto-mucin forms a moisture barrier on the hair to keep it healthy and shiny.
It prevents static electricity in your hair and tames frizzy hair easily.

Ahieve the perfect hair style
When sprayed on a men's short, flyaway hair and brushed with finger
or hair brush, it keeps your hair smooth and neat.
If you spray mist before applying hair gel or wax, it provides your hair
firm long lasting hold your style, making your hair look shiny.

NO! Smelly Scalp
smelly scalp odor Every time you spray this hair mist,
you can refresh youryself throughout the day,
and it leaves your hair and scalp smelling fresh.

Makes damaged hair moisturized and shiny
It makes damaged hair and dry hair ends, from frequent use of haidyes,
perms, and hair dryer silky smooth and moisturized.

Fragrance Gentler than
the Last Note of a Perfume

Like a gentle last note of the perfume instead of strong first note,
gentle aromatic odor is spread naturally even from a little movement.

Attractive 9 fragrances are introduced to be used lightly
even by those who don't like a perfume.

Add fragrance just as you change your clothes every day.
You love it whatever you choose.

Before -> After

Enjoy the silky hair texture
Silky Hair Softly Brushed without Tangling

Spray the product lightly once or twice on the rough
and tangled hair and brush it. The hair transforms into
moisturized and silky hair.

Hair Moisturized to the End Tip!

Opuntia Coccinellifera Fermented Extract to be fermented with
Lactobacillus makes the rough hair silky and moisturize like you
have just used hair treatment products.
(The more you spray the hair mist, the smoother your hair becomes.)

Plant-derived Mucin contained in the yam, okra and kelp extracts
prevents the hair from tangling and breaking and calms the hair
down to perfect the neat hair style.

It also protects hair from external harmful substances
by preventing invasion of dust and germs.

NO Stickiness Even Applied
Whenever the Hair is Dry!

Spray the product lightly whenever your hair looks dry
and rough or you want to add a scent on it.

High moisture content is absorbed lightly without
floating on the hair surface, which prevents
your hair to be stumpy even when applied often.

Gentle and attractive scent is spread gently
when applied, boosting your mood.

Making a Perfect Hairstyle

If a man spray hair mist on his short, droopy, sprinkle
and dirty hair and comb that, he can make calmly and neatly hair.

And also he can make soft but powerful hairstyle
applying hair gel or wax after spraying hair mist.

It is perfect for men who do not take care of their
hair because there is no stickiness or residue.

Mist Spreading Finely
This fine mist spray spreads the content gently and coats each hair finely.

Active Ingredients Penetrating into the Hair Better
by Lactobacillus Fermentation Process!

RAMOSU Perfume Softening Conditioner is manufactured
using lactobacillus fermentation process which maintains
Cactus's original nutrient without destroying it, which lead to
enhanced absorption and increased nutrition of active ingredients.

How to Use

1. Shake the product lightly before use.
2. Spray the product evenly on wet or dry hair.
3. Carry the product with you and spray it
to dry or rough hair as often as necessary.
4. It is recommended to spray it instead of perfume
before dating or important occasion.


1. It does not make your hair sticky or clumpy even if applied often.
Spray enough according to the amount, thickness of hair
and hair damage and brush it with hand or comb.

2. Prevent heat damage to your hair before blow-dryer or hair iron.

3. Spraying hair mist before bed makes your hair soft silky every morning.

4. Provides your hair long-lasting firm hold your hair style after hair mist.

5. Calm rough, frizzy and flyaway hairs with this non-greasy hair mist.

6. When used, hard surfaces such as floor, floor tiles become slippery.
It is recommed to use on a carpets, mats and towels.

7. It the floor is slippery after use, wash it with soap or water.

We recommend you

Damagaed hair from frequent use of hair
dyes, perms, and hair dryer.

Dry, rough and frizzy hair.

A person who's concerned about smelly scalp.

A person who doen't use hair essence or oil
because it make hair look greasy.

A person who tired to do home care
with hair pack or treatment.

A person who is worried about hair damage
caused by hai dryer and flat iron.

A person who is worried about hair damage
caused by ultraviolet rays.

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