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RAMOSU - 28 Days i-BEBI Cream 50ml


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Sold by RAMOSU


Mom&Baby mild moisturizing cream

Carefully selected natural ingredients!

Keep skin hydrated with pure formula!

Qty : 1ea (50ml)

Skin Types : For all skin

Made in South Korea

Period of use: 30 months from the date of manufacture.

Purified water, glycerin, caprilic/caprilic triglyceride, panthenol, capril methone, camellia seed oil, peach seed oil, elvan leaf extract, cetearyl alcohol, sheaver, polysolvate 60, cyclopentasiloxane, grapehexane, sorrohexaloxane, bis-siloxane, vesandium, bisexane Niacinamide, allantoin, squalane, bergamot fruit oil, lime outpost oil, sausurea involucrata extract, xanthan gum, ethyl hexane diol, glycerylcaprylate.

Skin Moisture Protection
This cream keeps skin hydrated
with pure formula!

12-Hour Hydration effects of
Ramosu 28 days i-BEBI CREAM
with Natural Skin-Friendly Ingredients.

With a large number of agave extracts that has excellent water
storage capacity, it keeps the baby's delicate skin soft, soothed
and hydrated by moisturizing.

The Agave, called a water reservoir,
maintains nearly 100 percent of its moisture in the hot
and dry over 50 degrees desert with no rain for 6 month.

Agave extracts contains high steroidal saponins for soothing!

Mild~ More mild~
Pure ingredients~!

It's mild moisturizing cream that repairs
and refreshes the skin with pure ingredients.

Contains mucin which is good
for visible skin due to dryness.

Mixture extracts of Kelp, Yam, Okra (10-1676292)

Kelp Yam Okra
Agave Vitis amurensis Witch Hazel Saussurea
Centella asiatica Allantoin
Hyaluronic acid, a natural moisturizing factor,
and hydrating properties such as squalane,
camellia oil, and shea butter protects the skin
from drying and keeps skin moisturized.

Protect skin from drying out
Damaged skin barrier Normal skin barrier

12-Hour Hydration
Test Completed
Skin Stability Test

Spreads lightly and hydrates for long

It spreads lightly and absorbs quickly with
mild and non-greasy formula, so it helps moisturize
delicate, dry skin and won't leave behind any residue.

How to use

After bathing or washing face, gently massage skin
until completely absorbed. Apply as often as needed
or whenever you feel dry.

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