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RADICELL - Advanced Intensive Cure Cream (50ml)

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1) Volume : 50ml / 1.69oz 2) Expiration date : 36 months after manfuacturing date 3) How to use : After rubbing on the essence first, please softly and evenly rub the cream on the face and on the neck. 4) Made in Korea 5) Main ingredients : Crocodile oil, Lavender extract, Rosemary extract, Oregano extract, Thyme extract) 6) Skin Types: All types

Essential items for dry skin, and deep-dry skin!

#Crocodile Oil Cream that moisturizes, tightens, and nourishes the skin.
Feel the changes in skin from day to day.

Experience a honey-glazed skin that is lively with crocodile oil cream that moisturizes, elasticity, and nourishes sagging and elastic skin.
√ Moisturizing effect.
√ Whitening effect.
√ Effect of wrinkle improvement.
√ Elastic and firm skin.
√ Clear and transparent skin.

RADICELL Crocodile Oil Cream, which has a high repurchase rate for customers who used it.
It is non-sticky, absorbs well, and provides tight skin, moist skin, and glossy skin.
It is an oily or non-rich moisturizing cream that permeates deep into the skin and moisturizes until the next morning!
You can use for oily skin that causes skin trouble by just applying oil.


#Crocodile oil cream's core ingredient.
It's a premium functional cosmetic that moisturizes, tightens, and nourishes the skin.

* Clean Australian crocodile oil (130,00ppm)
Omega 3, 6, and 9 contain essential fatty acids, so it is rich in moisturizing and nourishing.

* Five types of peptides
It provides elasticity to sagging and thin skin.

1. Clean Australian crocodile oil.
Crocodile oil is rich in Omega-3, 6, 7, 9, 11 and other essential fatty acids to provide strong moisture and strengthen skin barriers. It is also similar to human sebum, providing excellent absorption and rich nutrition. It is also excellent in controlling oil and water balance.
RADICELL crocodile oil cream contains as much as 130,000 ppm of high-quality pure crocodile oil refined in Australia, a natural environment clean area.

2. 5 types of peptides.
It is similar to a small protein component and has good skin penetration, which can improve elasticity and increase elasticity. It also forms a skin moisturizing protein to maintain moist skin and prevent dry skin. It contains five peptide components: acetylhexapeptide-8, acetylhexapeptide-1, capertripeptide-1, palmitoyl pentapeptide-4, and palmitoylhexapeptide-12.

The main ingredients that add moisturizing, elasticity, and nutrition.
1. Patented hyaluronic acid.
It absorbs well with amazing skin permeability, moisturizes, improves elasticity, and supplies forever.

  1. Ectoin.
    It's a strong molecule that protects your skin from stress.

  2. Patented ingredients MultiWx BSASM.
    The sedative ingredients obtained from nature containing rosemary, chamomile, green tea, bottle grass, licorice, hojanggeun, and golden seven plant extracts. Relieving skin irritation and strengthening skin barriers.

  3. Patented reed extract & tongtung bar extract.
    It contains ingredients such as Asparagine, Saccharides, Betaine, Dietary fiber, Choline, and various minerals to improve skin texture and provide healthy skin such as moisturizing.

  4. Gb H6 Complex
    It is a complex extract containing green tea extract, peony root extract, guava leaf extract, rose extract, and golden extract that helps moisturize, elasticity, and exfoliate.

Whitening and wrinkle improvement functional cosmetics.
1. Niacinamide: It helps whiten your skin.
2. Adenosine: It helps improve skin wrinkles.

With 19 plant extracts,
It supplies moisture and moisture to dry skin and relieves skin irritation.

- Moisture on tired skin. Moisturizing.
- To improve dry dead skin cells.
- Dark skin improvement
- Soothing your skin

Skin irritation test completed.
RADICELL Crocodile Oil Cream can be used for all skin types and is a safe and reliable product.

We recommend it to people like this.
- Dry skin. - For those who have dry skin,
- People who are worried about dry skin but oily on the outside (Oily skin lacking moisture)
- For those who are concerned about wrinkled skin,
- For those who are worried about droopy and lifeless skin,
- For those who lack nutrition on their skin,
- For those who are worried about your dull skin tone,

#How to use crocodile oil cream.
Remove an appropriate amount from the cream step, spread it gently along the skin texture, and absorb it lightly.


#3-STEP for Moisturizing, Elasticity and Nourishing Skin Care.

1st Step. Crocodile Oil Hydrogel Mask Pack: Instant skin soothing, moisturizing, cooling effect

2nd Step. Crocodile Oil First Essence: Moisture permeate, revitalize, moisturize, recharge.

3rd Step. Crocodile Oil Cream: Superior moisturizing, elasticity, and nourishing effects. It's a must-have item for dry skin.

KMALL24 RADICELL - Advanced Intensive Cure Cream (50ml) cream nourishing regeneration firming moisturing hydtration dry_skin

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