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[darakwon] Master Korean 2-上 (Chinese ver.)

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Darakwon is a leading Korean publisher specializing in English, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese language learning materials. Since its founding in 1977, Darakwon has striven to meet the ever-changing demands of language learners through its innovative products and services. Not only has Darakwon developed premium language books, but it has also created first-rate online learning products and services. Darakwon has published more than 3,000 foreign language titles alongside multimedia study resources and provided about 500 e-learning lectures for English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and French. 

publication date : 2014-05-07 Author : Hangrok Cho, Tyeyoung Yang, Sunhee Kim, Seongwon Ryu,Seoyoung Joung, Hyeran Jung Book page : 288 pages Size : 188*254mm weight : 650g Master Korean 2–1 Basic follows Master Korean 1–2 Basic as the next volume in the Master Korean series, targeting Korean learners who have studied through Level 1 of the Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK 1). Learners can systematically develop their communication skills through a variety of activities. In particular, by widely applying the teaching principles of task-based instruction through a variety of visual and audio materials, learners can easily and enjoyably learn Korean. In addition, we have provided information about the Korean culture and language that is necessary to communicate effectively in some situations. In these ways, learners can study Korean using a truly multi-dimensional approach.

The Master Korean series is an integrated set of coursebooks designed to help the reader fully master the Korean language through various activities and practice in the four basic skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. After learning all the grammar and vocabulary in each level, the reader will be able to sit for the corresponding level of the Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK).

As the first book in the Master Korean series of coursebooks, Master Korean 1-1 is aimed at English and Chinese-speaking learners studying Korean at the introductory level.

· Systematically study for appropriate level of the Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK)!

Together, Master Korean 1-1 and 1-2 introduces all of the vocabulary and grammar necessary to sit for Level 1 of the TOPIK.

· Have fun studying with Korean using task-based teaching principles!

The series includes a variety of study tasks based on the authors’ many years of Korean teaching experience along with empirical data to create a text that is both easy to study and interesting.

· Enjoy rich visual and audio materials!

Each chapter is full of colorful illustrations and pictures, along with auditory materials created with professional voice actors to improve memorization and overall learning, regardless of whether you are studying by yourself or as a student in a language institution.

· Get valuable Korean cultural information necessary for communication from a learner’s perspective!

“Why do Koreans also address store employees as ‘언니(big sister)’”

Includes detailed English explanations for many aspects of the Korean culture and language that learners are curious about.

publication date : 2013-06-07 / Author : Hangrok Cho, Tyeyoung Yang, Jongbun Kwon, Junsung Ki, Sunhee Kim, Eunjung Choi /

Book page : 256 pages / Size : 188*254mm / weight : 586g /

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