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Korean Grammar in Use - Advanced (Japanese ver.)

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Darakwon is a leading Korean publisher specializing in English, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese language learning materials. Since its founding in 1977, Darakwon has striven to meet the ever-changing demands of language learners through its innovative products and services. Not only has Darakwon developed premium language books, but it has also created first-rate online learning products and services. Darakwon has published more than 3,000 foreign language titles alongside multimedia study resources and provided about 500 e-learning lectures for English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and French. 


Publication date : 2014-01-06

Author : Ahn Jean-Myung, Sun Eun-Hee Book

Page : 408 pages

Size : 188*254mm

Weight : 890g

This book marks the third volume in the Korean Grammar in Use series, which presents Korean grammar in the most effective manner available for learning. This Advanced volume contains all of the major grammar points covered by the TOPIK Advanced exam (Levels 5-6). To the extent that it is designed for advanced students of Korean, we have made the example sentences to reflect an equally advanced level. Moreover, to make it easier to understand the situations in which the target grammar should be used, we have provided vivid situational illustrations. 

Finally, we have described grammar points in clear and concise Japanese to help Japanese-speaking learners of Korean better understand the complexities of Korean grammar. 

▪ Full Summary of TOPIK Advanced (Levels 5-6) Grammar!

 All the major grammar points introduced in the textbooks used at Korean university and language institutes, in addition to all the grammar points that appear on Levels 5 and 6 of the TOPIK, are summarized in an easy, at-a-glance format. We have also included practice exercises for TOPIK grammar patterns as additional preparation for taking the TOPIK exam. 

▪ Understand at a Glance both the Primary & Additional Meanings of the Target Grammar!

 Going beyond simply listing grammar points to be learned, the differences between grammar forms that have similar meanings and usages are highlighted, and any additional meanings and form restrictions that should be kept in mind when using the grammar are noted, thereby achieving the goal of an integrated method of grammar study. 

▪ Realistic Dialogue Creation that Incorporates the Target Grammar!

 Learners can directly create dialogues to better understand how the target grammar is actually used in real life. Realistic dialogues that represent the actual use of the target grammar are used in place of conventional simple sentences, thus helping students to learn how to actually use Korean. 

▪ Customized Solutions for both Students and Teachers!

 Students can understand Korean more easily while also learning how to master a wide variety of advanced-level Korean phrases, and teachers can benefit by being able to more easily organize grammar points when planning their class curriculums.







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