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RAMOSU - The Star Mild Sunscreen (SPF50+/PA+++) 50ml

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Sold by RAMOSU


Complete protection against UV Rays Sunscreen that blocks UV rays completely! (SPF50+/PA+++, 50ml)

Qty : 50mlx1ea
Skin Types : For all skin types
Made in South Korea

Period of use: 36 months from the date of manufacture.

Cyclopentasiloxane, purified water, ethylhexylmethoxysinnamate, methylmethacrylate crosspolymer, butylene glycol, ethylhexylsalicylate, polymethylsilsesquioxane, zinc oxide (CI 77947), lauryl pg/piji-18/18 methone, titanium free oxide (CI), 7789concyl)Emeticon Crossformer, Cetylpigi/PFG-10/1 Dymeticon, and Disteada.Imonium hexorite, magnesium sulfate, isoamyl p-methoxysinnamate, vinyl dimethicone/methosilsesquioxane crosspolymer, aluminum hydroxide, stearic acid, dimethicone, silica.Imethylsilylate, clophenesine, methylparamene, propylparabene, phenoxyethanol, fragrance, limonene, linalul, hexylcinnamal, citronanol, butylphenylmethylpropionate

Whitening Sunscreen without makeup

SPF50+ PA+++ Dual protection UV rays!
Ramosu The Star Mild Sunscreen

Light texture
It is smooth and light the moment you apply it.
It matches your undertone naturally and brighten the uneven skin tone.
You don't have to makeup if you apply it.

365days a year
Protect your skin from UV rays every day!

Did you find Sunscreen you want?

- Evens skin tone naturally.
- I like smooth when I apply on skin.
- I hate sticky.
- I can't use sunscreen carelessly because I'm afraid of acne.
- I hate applying sunscreen because It is stuffy and heavy.

The light texture

It matches your undertone naturally without leaving a white cast on your skin.
It brightens the uneven skin tone.

It is great for men because it is not oily nor sticky.
It is a daily sunscreen with a light texture.

Real Review


Effective dual protection against UV rays

Guarantees dual protection against UVA and UVB rays!
It is great for daily use and outdoor activities.



Precautions when using sunscreen

Q. You need to apply to sunscreen on
30 minutes before you go out?

Ramosu sunscreens adopted dual UV rays protection
method allowing your skin to be protected right away.

Q. The skin applied sunscreen!
Should I remove it clean?

Because sunscreen blocks UV rays, it's a good product
that stays on your skin for a long time.

Therefore, it is important to wash your face clean after going out.

Q. Apply it once a day?
Sunscreen can easily removed by sweat, contact with
hands or clothes. It is better to reapply it frequently.

Q. It's better to apply thinly?
UV rays penetrate not only through the face
but also through the entire exposed body.

It is important to apply enough evenly throughout the exposed skin.
Therefore, it is recommended that you apply it thick
enough in exposed areas such as the beach.

Q. You don't need to put on sunscreen
on a cloudy or a rainy day?

We are exposed to the same amount of UV rays regardless of weather or season.
These UV rays are not blocked by windows and curtains.

So, you can be affected by UV rays even if you are indoors.

Q. Cause of skin photo-aging is UV rays?
UV rays not only damages the skin and promotes photo-aging,
but also causes the skin to thin rapidly,
causing pigmentation as well as decreased skin elasticity.

The skin on the belly and buttocks that are not exposed to sunlight
has no pigmentation and barely reduces skin elasticity until old.

Q. What is the expiry date for the sunscreen?
Usually, the expiry date for the unopened sunscreen is
two years and six to twelve months after opening.
After one year of opening, the main ingredients in sunscreen
are oxidised, having less effect. So it is better to throw them away.

The expiration date is pressed at the end of the sunscreen tube, not a paper box.


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