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Have you ever experienced "Asian flush" when to drink Alcohol beverages? It means alcohol red face and alcohol allergic response. In other words, you could not break down alcohol derived acetaldehyde, toxin materials which WTO addressed and indicated it as the 1st class carcinogen with formaldehyde. If you say "Yes", you are an ALDH gene mutation or ALDH2 deficiency people who are very risky to modern diseases or disorder like metabolic syndrome or aldehyde derived ones like pakinson, atopy, cancer, fanconi anemia, diabete, hypertension, stroke and etc. You should take care of yourself from alcohol and aldehydes with ALDH via whatever or wherever. KISLIP has ALDH in it. We introduced it as a hangover remedy currently but has been doing R&D consistently for medicine and IV, pure ALDH. Don't miss out for you. Thank you.
1 Box - Includes 2 Boxes(40 Tab ) of KISLip, 2 Bottles(12 Tab) of KISLip with Gold Package Gift set

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