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* This item is selected for Global Marketing Panel season 1 program by its originality and innovativeness. 

It is a product made of ingredients selected by a careful mother's eyes, for children with atopic condition.
• After ingesting the laver, you will not have any laver-specific odor.
• It does not easily get rancid.
1. All ingredients with excellent quality
2. Retention of superior quality
3. A high re-purchase rate

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100% Organic Kids Olave Seaweed


Product Features and Benefits


All ingredients with excellent quality

It is obvious that there are big differences between the quality (raw materials) of most seasoned laver and Kids Olave Seaweed. Due to the use of refined oil and low quality olive oil, most domestic laver products easily become damp, and easily turn rancid after a summer season, thereby making you hesitating to buy it. Our products have been verified by our customers for the taste of the past two years by making customers taste the products that have already spent one year after a legal shelf life of laver products (products that have spent 2 summers) indicated by the domestic law. Through these, we finally launched 100% Organic Kids Olave Seaweed officially on April 5, 2018. We believe that there are no competitive products with similar quality among seasoned laver products currently distributed in Korea.


Retention of superior quality 

The biggest advantage of 100% Organic Kids Olave Seaweed is its superior retention ability of product quality. (It does not easily get rancid, or get damp. As it has low salt and fresh taste of pressed fresh Olave Oil, you can enjoy both the flavor and the taste of raw material oil in a seasoned laver product)


A high re-purchase rate

Our products have a very high purchase rate. Above all, we have carefully selected all the ingredients directly for children with severe atopic conditions.


Quality Competitiveness

The disadvantages of domestic seasoned laver (easily getting rancid, damp, and rapidly changing taste if the expiration date of products is imminent) are not found at all even in our product whose expiration date has passed 1 year ago.

For the last two years, we have shown our advantages to our customers. This is due to the superiority of raw materials. 50% of the raw material of seasoned laver comes from seaweed and the other 50% comes from the quality of oil. Most seasoned laver products use corn oil, canola oil, perilla oil and olive oil. However, most are refined or other oil, which may become rancid in the air.

In particular, most olive oil is processed in an origin country in Europe. However, an origin country of raw material in olive oil is not clearly identified. Also, we have not identified any products made from extra virgin (acidity 0.1%) that has been freshly extracted Among laver products.

Our product, Kids Olave Seaweed, uses Organic & Kosher Certified Black-Label & Kids-Label products.

The Kids Olave Oil product is a child-dedicated olive oil product developed for a daughter with serious atopic condition. You can let your children ingest it or can apply it to your children. Make your children use our award-winning Kids Oil (awarded in global olive oil competitions). As such, our product is a new-concept seasoned laver that enables you to enjoy the taste and aroma of oil and to ingest it healthily and happily. Our raw seaweed is also 100% organic certified seaweed. Our salt (1.15% salinity salt) is GMP and Kosher certified salt produced in clean area, not processed salt.

1. Oil

- Using only 100% Organic & KOSHER certified black-label / kids Vieiru olive oil to enhance our children's intestinal health and immunity, we have made child- dedicated oil, the only product for the first time in Korea.

2. Laver (Seaweed)

-Made of the USDA and HACCP quality certified organic seaweed grown in a good climate, this product is delicious and healthful.

3. Salt

- Because our product uses the Andes Celusal Lake salt, which is unspoiled and natural, it does not contain arsenic, mercury, lead, lead and heavy metals. The salt is GMP and KOSHER certified and is rich in minerals. Using such natural salt, the salt can satisfy both taste and health.


Design Competitiveness

We have visualized our use of premium quality olive oil for our products by reproducing on the package of seasoned laver the image of Korea’s unique child-dedicated Kids Olave Oil and the black label images.

Unlike gaudy product packaging of some conventional laver products, our packaging has another type of sophisticated, different-dimensional images. By doing so, we have given children the familiarity of laver. The product is not only child-dedicated laver product but is also appealing to adults, adults with choosy taste, and adults who consider their health.

In addition, our labeling design has simple basic information and messages both in Hangul (Korean) and English. This is to make consumers (in both domestic market and overseas market) easily understand our products.



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Kazuha 125/05/2019 06/05/201909:20
  • Quality:
Healthy seaweed
-this olave seaweed is really good for kids and other peoples who has a serious atopic condition.
-it doesn't get easily rancid or damped like other lavers.
-it contien less salt for children health .
-when you touch the laver it's not totaly grassed, because it contien olive oil and this is good and safe for health.
-after eating it, it doesn't leave an odor and the taste is very good.
-you can enjoy the taste and the smell of olive oil healthily and happily .
-it's a little crispy.
-you can eat it with different dishes.
★ and the most important thing is ,it's HALAL and safe for Muslims. personnally i like it. and i'll reorder it .
أوراق طحالب البحر مناسبة للأطفال ذو الحساسية المفرطة، متبلة بمكونات طبيعية وعضوية بخلاصة زيت الزيتون.
★ حلال وآمنة للمسلمين(خالية من أي مكونات حرام من الخنزير أو الكحول)
#Kmall24 #GMP #Olavekorea #seaweed #koreanfood #kr #korea #dz
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