[OJYA] HAIR COLOR Organic herbal dye (100g)


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-Chemical ingredients 0%, 100% natural herbal ingredients
-Hair and scalp care products
-Recommended for people who are irritated by general chemical hair dye
-Recommended for those who are difficult to dye due to hair loss or scalp health problems.
Volume/Qty: 100g
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Made in Korea

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 Recommended for those who regularly dyed the roots. It is recommended to leave 2 hours to 2 hours and 30 minutes. Since it does not dye by general oxidative action, it can not cover gray hair at once, but it becomes enough cover from accumulation about two times. 

Soft Black 
Before & After

It is hair that has never been dyed. 

After the second dyeing, the gray hair was covered well overall. Because the indigo henna ingredient, the reflection light may look a little ash and bright.

Dark Brown on bleached hair 
Before & After 

She already has a gray hair even before bleaching her hair. 

The overall tone is brown, but with the primary dyeing, the gray hair may come out slightly bright. 

The gray hair was also covered naturally. 

Soft Black

It is not a very black color like black hair dye. It is good to produce a little ash and a dark brown. It is also suitable for dyeing the gray hair.

 Dark Brown

It is a color suitable for gray cover and it produces natural hair color when dyeing twice.


Brown color is slightly brighter than dark brown. It's not suitable for gray color. 


Henna has an pure orange color. You can look fashionable color.

Indigo Blue Black

It is a ash black color. You can feel the deep ash color. 


It's has pure own beight color. No effects on color of hair if it is not very bright hair or bleached hair. AMLA is for the scalp care CASSIA is for the hair care

     How To Use

1.     Add a hot water (70-100/160-210) little by little and stir to make it like mayonnaise.

2.     Do shampoo and towel dry. (Do not use rinse or conditioner.)

3.     If the herb is warmly cooled enough. Take the section and apply it little by little. If you rub it with your hand, it works well.

4.     Cover the entire hair with a plastic wrap or plastic hair cap so that the applied herbs do not dry out.

5.     Leave it for 1.5-2 hours. The longer you leave it, darker the color.

6.     Before washing, remove the plastic wrap and rub the hair. leave it be cooled.

7.     Wash your hair without shampoo. For two days just wash your hair only with water.

8.     If you want to reduce color loss, please use weak acid shampoo.

9.     For gray cover, it must be accumulated through at least 2 dyeings.

       (Because of pure herb powder without chemical ingredients)

- OJYA Hair Colors is a natural product, but very few people with allergies to pollen can have an allergic reaction and need a skin test. Apply a small amount on your arm to check for skin reactions during 24 hours.

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