Introduction to Kmall24 / KITA
2024-03-18 10:21:47

From Korea to where you are, Kmall24


Kmall24 is a media platform where you can experience Korean culture and goods. 

No matter where you are in the world, we're bringing the story of Korea closer to you.




Keep you updated with the latest news from K-pop artists



Introduce you to notable Korean brands and goods



Introduce you to wonderful places in Korea



Guide you to understand and learn Korean(Hangeul)



We also offer events, product testers, and more to make your Korean experience even more enjoyable. 

Discover the trendiest Korea on Kmall24!




*What is the Korea International Trade Association?

KITA is the largest non-profit business organization in Korea with a history of 70+ years and over 73,000 member companies.

In addition to Kmall24, KITA also owns and operates the most quintessential economic landmarks in Korea:

The World Trade Center Seoul and COEX, Asia's largest underground shopping mall and premier exhibition & event center.