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Jijangsoo(地浆水) is the premium natural mineral water containing the effect of the Hwang-tu(Red-clay or loess) and the energy of the East Sea pulled from the Hwang-to bedrock layer naturally formed at 145m underground 570 million years ago.

It has an excellent effect on detox so the oriental-ancient medical book, Dong-eui Bo-gam prescribed it as an antidote.
Especially, according to the clinical test of Seoul National University College of Medicine, Jijangsoo intakes has the effect of soothing atopy dermatitits and can be used as the secondary treatment water for skin disease or atopic dermatitis. Jijangsoo acquired the certification of the upper institution of FDA, EPA(U.S) and also the import certification from Chinese government and Japanese government. Based on the authentications, we export the product to the world and dare to name it as the representative mineral water of Korea in much proud.

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