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Pure Natural Hinoki Cypress Oil from Namhae in S.Korea : Namhae is located in the southern part of S.Korea and Namhae Hinoki Wood is famous among korean

Distillate Extractor Plant Patent in Korea (10-1188653-000) : Low Temperature Cooling Extraction. It is a patented extraction method in Korea. With this system, there is no burnt smell and extract pure oil even if it takes a long time.

Phytoncide(Terpene) : Self-Protective Complexes that plants produce against diseases and harmful insects or germs. The reason why we feel refreshed and cleared in our head in the forest is because of the positive effects from phytoncides(Microbial, Deodorizing, Relieving Stress, Stabilizing body and mind, Strengthening immune system)

Hinoki Cypress Sap is a liquid that flows from the root of a plant through a stem to a leaf. The sap extracted from trees or plants can not be transparent. It is light milky or tarnish brown.

Antibacterial, sterilizing, deodorizing effect to help remove ticks, fungi, mold.
Companion animal odor removal. Sick house syndrome Relief. Itching Relief. Stress Relief.

How to Use : Turn lever to open before use
It is more effective when it is mixed with the Namoo&Me Hinoki Cypress refine oil (2-3 drops per 300ml, 1 drops per 300ml if you spray it on your skin) Please spray 5.9 ~ 7.9 inch away

Volume : 350ml(11.83 fl oz)
Main ingredients : Hinoki Cypress Sap
Origin : Made in S.Korea
Expiration date : Indicated on product

Korea Offline Store in Seoul, Incheon, Busan, Gwangju, etc.

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