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The Beauty of the Goryeo Dynasty's Relics: Bulguksa Temple


During the Goryeo Dynasty, Gyeongju was a central hub for Buddhism and remains one of the regions with a wealth of Buddhist relics. 

Bulguksa Temple, embodying the rich history of Buddhism, is a must-visit site in Gyeongju. To preserve its historical significance, it has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

🧐Let's explore Bulguksa Temple, a living testament to Buddhism.



The meaning of Bulguksa


"Bulguksa" is a Buddhist temple situated in Gyeongju, embodying the concept of the Buddha's land.🪷 It reflects the aspiration to realize the ideal and holy realm of Buddha in the current world. Bulguksa serves as a hallmark of Gyeongju, drawing countless visitors to this popular tourist destination.



The History of Buddhism Registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site


Gyeongju, once the hub of Buddhism, encapsulates a diverse and rich history of Buddhism, making it akin to a living piece of history. Bulguksa Temple, established in the 8th century during the Goryeo Dynasty, exemplifies the Silla people's ambition to realize an ideal world.✨ As a recognition of its historical and cultural significance in Buddhism, it has been designated not only as a National Treasure but also as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.🤓



Bulguksa's Diverse Buddhist Relics


Bulguksa stands as a distinguished cultural heritage, emblematic of Korea, and is a site that even locals endeavor to visit at least once. This temple houses a wealth of National Treasures and Treasures, marking it as a space of historical importance. 

For those interested in experiencing the pinnacle of architectural craftsmanship, stunning natural landscapes, and a wide array of Buddhist relics, Bulguksa is a must-visit destination.📖 Let's explore the specific relics and National Treasures that Bulguksa has to offer.🙂





Dabotap, designated as National Treasure No. 20✨, is a stone pagoda from the Goryeo Dynasty. It is positioned alongside Seokgatap, flanking the main hall, Daeungjeon, as though standing guard. Constructed from granite, this pagoda is not only durable but also features a unique beauty distinct from other stone pagodas. Exhibiting advanced sculptural techniques and architectural elegance, it is currently recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.🧐




Seokgatap, designated as National Treasure No. 21, is a stone pagoda constructed in three tiers.😲 While Dabotap presents an elaborate aesthetic, Seokgatap offers a minimalist yet refined elegance. It stands as an architectural embodiment of straight lines and balance, exemplifying the ideal of 'harmony' during the Silla Dynasty.⭐️





Seokguram, designated as National Treasure No. 24, is a Buddha statue that has been registered as a World Heritage Site.🪷 Renowned as the pinnacle of East Asian Buddhist sculpture, this statue is celebrated for its impeccable sculpting techniques and lifelike expressions, embodying the compassionate radiance of the Buddha.


The grotto as a whole contributes to its mystique, imbuing it with a sense of privacy and depth. It represents a perfect fusion of religious reverence and artistic beauty, standing as an exemplary piece of cultural heritage.🙏



The Four Seasons of Bulguksa

The seasons at Bulguksa, infused with a sublime spirit, consistently evoke tranquility and a serene, peaceful ambiance.







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