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Travel Through Korean Cities with Fragrance: Le plein été

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By the way, this brand became famous because Seungkwan from SEVENTEEN likes it too.



Bring the fragrance of Jeju to your home!

Remember your time in Korea


It’s known for its unique perfumes themed around the diverse landscapes and cultures of cities.



Le plein été explores different cities in Korea and captures their fragrances and feelings in its perfumes. Each fragrance is inspired by a different Korean city and its culture, capturing the unique charm and beauty of each place. 


Le plein été isn't a mainstream brand yet, but it has many fans who love its vibes, fragrances, and the stories behind the products. We are big fans of Le plein été too! 


Le plein été has fragrances inspired by Seoul, Busan, Namhae, Gangwon, Jeonju, Mokpo, and other iconic Korean cities. But today, we want to introduce you to the fragrance of Jeju, which is one of my favorites. 


Bring home a piece of Jeju with Le plein été’s special fragrance and cherish your memories of Korea! 



Our Top 3

from the Mood Cologne Collection!

- Mood Cologne connects experiences and memories -

- Inspired by Jeju, it captures the true essence of the island -


💎 Morning Dew of Bijalim💎

비자림의 아침이슬



TOP: leafy green, bergamot, lemon 

MID: rose, orchid, cyclamen 

BASE: musk, vanilla, amber 


Bijarim, a secret forest, is one of the most famous places on Jeju.


This fragrance captures the cool and calm feeling of early morning in Bijarim.


It smells like the fresh dew on grass, clean and refreshing.



If you love Jeju Island, you'll love Bijarim. 

Bijarim is a magical forest with thousands of trees that are hundreds of years old. Most people can't walk through it without feeling awe.



The silence of Bijarim, especially when there are few people around, allows you to clear your mind and enjoy the fragrance and atmosphere of the forest. 


Breathing in the fresh morning air of this forest relaxes your tense body and helps you feel at ease.



💎 Walking on the Camelia Path 💎

동백길 걷다



TOP: green apple, peach, plum 

MID: rose, jasmine, lily, violet 

BASE: musk, vanilla, amber 


From the moment it blooms to the moment it falls, the camellia is beautiful from start to finish. 


A very fragrant floral with a hint of sweet fruit juice. 



If love had a fragrance, wouldn't this be it? 


The sweet smell of flowers gently touches your nose. Many people who were walking with their heads down and looking at the ground lift their heads to find the source of the fragrance. There, they see the camellias. They hadn’t even noticed how fully they had bloomed, but now they see them, in full bloom. 



Camellias bloom from December, during the cold winter, to March, when spring begins. Even before winter ends and as the cool spring begins, sweet and warm camellias bloom. Making the coldest times beautiful and warm, we can't help but admire the beauty and rich fragrance of camellias. 


A sweet floral fragrance that warms your frozen heart and makes even those without love want to fall in love. This is Walking on the Camellia Path. 



💎 Blooming Canola on Seopji 💎

섭지에 유채 피우다



TOP: bergamot, grapefruit, lime 

MID: freesia, jasmine, orchid, violet 

BASE: musk, sandalwood, amber 


The bright and vibrant yellow canola flowers, a symbol of Jeju. 


A fragrant floral fragrance that makes you imagine holding a beautiful bouquet. 



Jeju's canola flowers are famous not only among Koreans but also among foreign visitors. 


Have you ever felt the fragrance of canola carried by the wind when it blows through a field full of blooming canola flowers? If not, we highly recommend visiting Jeju when the canola is in full bloom. 


You can experience a fragrance that is subtle yet rich, sweet yet fresh, and very abundant yet elegant. 



Jeju’s canola flowers start blooming as early as March and are in full bloom by April. You can see these flowers during the season when the wind is a bit chilly, but a pleasant laziness fills the air. 


All over Jeju, canola flowers create waves of yellow, swaying like the sea. The fragrance from these yellow flowers is both beautiful and enchanting. The sweet fragrance of these canola flowers brings excitement on its own. The fragrance is so delightful that even bees become intoxicated by it and buzz eagerly. It's a fragrance that makes you want to get lost in its lovely aroma. 



What is Le plein été’s Mood Cologne?



Le plein été's Mood Cologne started with the idea: "Can't we have a fabric spray, a pillow mist, and a room spray all in one?" It's lighter than regular perfume and can be used anywhere without being too strong. That's why Le plein été's Mood Cologne is light and subtle, perfect for daily use. It calms your mind while giving you a nice fragrance. 



If you are currently in Jeju or planning to visit, be sure to stop by the Jeju Duty-Free Shop to find this amazing product!



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