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The Oil Eraser that Removes Face Grease: HARUEN’s Oil Monster - Your New Beauty Essential

Discover the Magic of Oil Monster:

Say Goodbye to Oily Skin and Hello to Freshness



Two recommended items from Oil Monster

Oil Monster-Kuncat & Oil Monster-Mini



Oil Monster-Kuncat



🖐️ Recommended Age Group: 10-20s 


Oil-removing massage beauty product! 


When your face gets oily? 

Just roll the natural volcanic stone ball of the Oil Monster-Kuncat on your face while wearing makeup, and it will remove the oil while keeping your makeup intact! 


Once again before going to bed! 

Roll the natural volcanic stone ball of the Oil Monster-Kuncat on your face to remove oil and impurities from your pores and keep your skin clean. It also helps with skin elasticity, and the next day your skin will absorb makeup better! 



Oil Monster-Mini



🖐️ Recommended Age Group: 20-30s 


Similar to the Oil Monster-Kuncat, but designed to fit stylishly into any pocket or purse at the customer's request, meet the Oil Monster-Mini! 


3 PM, the time to remove excess oil! 

After focusing hard on work, you suddenly realize your face is shiny with oil. No matter the place, take it out of your bag and easily roll it on your face to transform your skin to look freshly washed! 


The Oil Monster is

so simple and easy to use!



Just roll the ball part of the Oil Monster on your face like in the image above, and you're done!


 ↑ The left image shows before use,

and the right picture shows after use!


How is it?  

The oily, shiny skin has turned clean and matte on the right, right? 😗 


If your face is sweaty and oily? 

Wipe the sweat off your face with a tissue first, then roll the Oil Monster's ball on your face! 


It varies from person to person, but the average usage period is about 150 times. For normal skin, it will last about 45 days, and for oily skin, about 30 days. 


Use it like this to make it last longer!



1. After use, remove any foundation or debris from the ball! 

Simply roll the ball on a wet tissue to clean it! 


2. Clean the ball once a week! 

Roll the Oil Monster's ball on a towel dampened with soapy water to remove any debris, then rinse it under running water! After that, let it dry for about 10 minutes to keep it clean and long-lasting. 



For the proven effects of the Oil Monster and more detailed information that we couldn't cover here, be sure to check out the URL below! 


🛒 Online Store 

- https://www.haruen.kr 

- tradeKorea (Oil Monster-Kuncat)

- tradeKorea (Oil Monster-Mini)

- tradeKorea (Dry Sole)


🎞 Youtube 

- https://youtu.be/l5lbqSz4vy8?si=qbr4aWvJHcQUOJff  



The Oil Monster is a product from the HARUEN.


HARUEN means ☀️every day☀️ in Korean and is a brand that pursues eco-friendly products made from natural soil. HARUEN is actively exporting many products to over 20 countries. See you soon! 



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