K-TREND | May.29.2024

Exciting Shinyu Photos from the 2024 ASIA STAR ENTERTAINER AWARDS Featuring TWS!

Rare Photos from the 2024 ASIA STAR ENTERTAINER AWARDS:

Captured by a Fan on the Scene!




On April 10, 2024, TWS made a significant mark in their career by participating in the 2024 ASIA STAR ENTERTAINER AWARDS. This event was particularly momentous as it marked their first time winning the prestigious "Best New Artist" award since their debut.



SHINYU, along with the other members, delivered a captivating rendition of their hit song, showcasing the talent and energy. Their synchronized dance moves and powerful vocals captivated the audience, creating an unforgettable experience for everyone present.



SHINYU, in particular, stood out with his vibrant stage presence. His dynamic performance and infectious enthusiasm were palpable, leaving a lasting impression on both the audience and his fellow artists. SHINYU's charisma and passion for music shone through every moment, proving why TWS deserved the accolade.


The 2024 ASIA STAR ENTERTAINER AWARDS was a milestone for TWS, not only for the honor they received but also for the opportunity to demonstrate their artistry on such a prominent platform. As they celebrated their achievement, fans and industry insiders alike recognized TWS's potential to shape the future of the music industry.