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Exploring Korean Commemorative Stamp with BTS's Special Edition


Although stamps aren't used as much these days because of the Internet, Korea still regularly issues commemorative stamps that reflect important Korean issues.


These stamps are popular with collectors, and you can even subscribe to receive new commemorative stamps automatically through the Korea Post online website.


If this is new to you, we hope this information is enlightening.


We finally got this!


In celebration of BTS's 10th anniversary, a special commemorative stamp package was released in 2023


+ Let's learn more about Korea's stamps together!



BTS, the eldest son of HYBE, has set many impressive records, and having their own commemorative stamps is truly exceptional.



On June 13, 2023, exactly ten years after the debut of BTS, a limited number of these stamps were made available for reservation.


We didn't manage to buy them during the fierce reservation battle at that time, but after almost a year of not giving up and searching hard, we finally got them.


Shall we learn about Korean stamps with the BTS commemorative stamp?





My heart is pounding with excitement! 😍



The commemorative stamp features images of 10 different BTS album covers, representing ten years of their iconic releases.




Why do the stamps(↑) feature album covers instead of the faces of BTS members?


🔎 The Universal Postal Union (UPU) recommends that living people, with the exception of presidents, should not be depicted on stamp designs.


  • 2 COOL 4 SKOOL 
  • 화양연화 pt.1 
  • WINGS 
  • MAP Of THE SOUL : 7 
  • Butter  
  • Proof




Is it really a big deal to have BTS on a commemorative stamp? Isn't it just about popularity?


🔎 Absolutely not.


In the history of official Korean postage stamps, BTS is only the fifth time that individuals have been featured on a commemorative stamp, and before that it was only historical figures or events involving deceased people.


This is the first time that a current singer or group has been chosen for a commemorative stamp. It's also unusual in that the production volume was about twice that of other regularly issued commemorative stamps.



The whole stamp paper has a unique asymmetrical polygonal shape that symbolizes the journey BTS has taken to become the shining gems they are today.


Instead of BTS' signature purple, a monochrome color was chosen to emphasize their originality and purity,



The rough texture and borders on the paper background symbolize the blood, sweat, and tears BTS shed on their way to becoming global artists.



Reflecting the history of BTS on Korea's commemorative stamp truly makes one realize their global popularity.



The same commemorative stamps are also included in a separately available commemorative stamp book.



A commemorative stamp that captures the essence of the past 10 years.



You can actually send a letter with these commemorative stamps,

and the amount marked on the stamp represents the cost of postage.


In other words, the number 2530 on the stamp,

means that you can send a letter worth 2530 KRW!


However, commemorative stamps are primarily collected and are rarely used for actual mailing purposes.


Now that you have learned about Korean stamps through the BTS commemorative stamp,

if you're curious about what Korea values and wants to symbolize, why not take an interest in commemorative stamps?



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