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Unique flavors and Futuristic design at Newmix coffee in Seoul's Seongsu-dong

If you love coffee☕, 

you must visit this cafe at least once: Newmix coffee!



The founder of Baedal Minjok, Korea's top delivery app, has started a new venture, Newmix Coffee, which is gaining attention after leaving Baedal Minjok. 

🖐 Baedal Minjok is Korea's biggest delivery app!


The symbol of Korean coffee is still mix coffee.


Mix coffee is a Korean expression! 

In Korea, the term mix coffee is used as a proper noun, not mixed coffee. 

🖐 In this content, we have used the Korean term 'mix coffee'. 


What is the Koreas mix coffee?


Mix coffee, as it is called in Korea, consists of a packet containing a pre-measured mixture of coffee grounds, sugar, and cream. To make the coffee, simply pour the contents of the packet into a cup and add hot water. An advantage of this type of coffee is that the amount of ingredients can be easily adjusted to suit individual tastes.


While freshly brewed coffee is currently in vogue, mix coffee still has its unique taste, which is why those who prefer it continue to enjoy it.


Let's take a look at the 'newmix coffee' shop!

The interior of the cafe is smaller than expected and feels full with only four customers inside.


However, with its unique coffee bar design, created by a founder who studied design, the space is distinctive and gives the impression of being in a cafe of the future.



When we visited, the cafe wasn't crowded enough to form a line, but customers kept coming in.


Visitors seemed as intrigued by the unique interior design as we were, and found the idea of selling mix coffee refreshing. This cafe, with its distinctive use of Korean-style mix coffee, appears to have sparked the curiosity of the younger generation.


This photo was taken with permission to use.



The coffee has a very Korean flavor. The original flavor is similar to traditional Korean mix coffee, and other unique flavors available include Roasted Chestnut, Green Tea, and Roasted Rice—beverages you would typically only find here.



Personally, we liked the menu item called Geonbbang Crunch.



Geonbbang is a traditional Korean snack as shown in the image above.


What is the Geonbbang?


It is a hard, dry cracker made with low moisture and sugar content. Due to its low moisture content, geonbbang has good storage properties and is convenient for preservation and portability.


It has been used as a portable food during hiking or sailing, as emergency rations in the military, and for disaster preparedness in Korea.


The unique taste of geonbbang can vary depending on what it is paired with, leading to a variety of snacks based on this cracker.


The Geonbbang Crunch at newmix coffee is also recommendable, so be sure to try it if you visit.


Newmix Coffee is a unique store where Korea's special blend of coffee meets modern tastes and a futuristic space.


If you're passing through Seongsu-dong in Seoul, it's well worth taking the time to visit.


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