K-TREND | May.21.2024

A Night of elegance and connection: SHINYU at tv asahi's 65th Anniversary, Unleashing Rare photos

Heads up, get ready for some heart-pounding close-up shots!


On April 14, 2024, the sensational K-pop group TWS graced the stage of tv asahi's 65th Anniversary event, The Performance, showcasing their extraordinary talent and charisma.  


Led by their captivating leader SHINYU, TWS members took to the stage in sleek white shirts paired with ties, embodying a sophisticated yet dynamic appearance that left the audience spellbound.



As the lights dimmed, SHINYU and his teammates delivered a performance that was both powerful and emotionally resonant, reflecting the unique style and spirit of TWS.


The choreography was meticulously crafted, blending sharp, synchronized movements with moments of expressive fluidity that highlighted each member's skills and the cohesive energy of the group.



The highlight of the evening was not just their musical prowess but also the genuine connection they forged with their fans. SHINYU led the group in greeting the fans, thanking them for their support. 


😍 Two More Close-Up Photos of SHINYU Released 🎉