K-TREND | May.03.2024

The Fresh Faces of ILLIT: MINJU and MOKA Shine in Debut Showcase and Music Bank Appearance

On March 25, 2024, ILLIT, the newest girl group under HYBE, made a memorable entry into the music scene with their debut showcase for their 1st mini album "SUPER REAL ME." Held in the Blue Square in Seoul's Yongsan District, this event marked the official launch of HYBE's third girl group, following the successful paths of LE SSERAFIM and NewJeans. ILLIT, formed through the JTBC audition program "R U NEXT," features five members: YUNAH, MINJU, MOKA, WONHEE, and IROHA. The album comprises four tracks including the lead single "Magnetic," along with "My World," "Midnight Fiction," and "Lucky Girl Syndrome."




Showcase Highlights

During the showcase, ILLIT performed their debut songs and engaged in a Q&A session with the audience. Despite some initial nervousness, the members confidently shared their thoughts and engaged with fans, showcasing their professionalism and readiness after six months of intensive preparation. This segment allowed the fans to get a deeper understanding of the music and the personalities behind ILLIT, creating a more intimate and memorable debut event.




Spotlight on MINJU and MOKA

Minju, dubbed the "Voice Fairy," captivated the audience with her enchanting vocal prowess, proving her voice to be a real treasure of the group. Meanwhile, Moka, with her impressive expressions, left many questioning if she truly was a rookie, highlighting her natural talent in performance. Both members have quickly become fan favorites, noted for their distinctive talents and charismatic stage presence.




Music Bank Appearance

On March 29, 2024, ILLIT made their first appearance on the popular music show, Music Bank. As part of their promotional activities, the spotlight was particularly bright on Minju and Moka during their arrival at the show. Moka's photos captured from this event displayed her adorable and impeccable style, further winning over the hearts of the public and establishing her as a promising idol in the industry.




This initial foray into the K-pop industry by MOKA and MINJU with ILLIT promises a bright future, filled with potential hits and influential moments on and off the stage. Their debut activities have not only set the stage for their musical journey but also highlighted their readiness to become the next big names in K-pop.