K-TRAVEL | April.22.2024

"Spring Flower Festivals" in Korea

Korea is brimming with the splendor of spring flowers under the warm spring sun. 🌸


Let's discover which types of flowers are hosting festivals!




Experience gardens of tulips standing in rows, swaying in the gentle breeze in a myriad of colors.


From passionate reds to cheerful yellows, enjoy a spectrum of colors.



2024 Korean Tulip Festival Schedule


📌[Seoul] Everland Sanrio Tulip Festival

Join the adorable Sanrio characters at the tulip festival

⏰Festival Dates: ~June 16, 2024


📌[Chungnam] Million Blooms Spring Flower Festival

A festival filled with millions of spring flowers, tulips, and daffodils

⏰Festival Dates: ~May 26, 2024





A magical transformation, as the world turns golden with the bloom of Rapeseed!

The brilliant golden waves invite you into a world of innocence and splendor.


Embrace the beauty of spring alongside the blooming Rapeseed in nature.🍃



2024 Rapeseed Festival Schedule


📌[Jeju] Waveview Rapeseed Festival

Held at a premium bakery cafe in Jeju

⏰Festival Dates: ~May 31, 2024


📌[Jeju] Hueree Rapeseed Festival

Located in Seogwipo, harmoniously blending Mount Halla with canola flowers

⏰Festival Dates: ~April 30, 2024





As spring deepens, hydrangeas reveal their beauty with their unique colors. 

The small, star-shaped flowers change hues from sky blue to purple based on the soil's composition, creating a harmonious blend.



2024 Hydrangea Festival Schedule


📌[Jeju] Hueree Spring Hydrangea Festival

A spring hydrangea festival set up at Jeju Free Living Space

⏰Festival Dates: ~June 16, 2024





With their trumpet-shaped crowns, daffodils shine in bright yellow under the clear spring sky💕



2024 Daffodil Festival Schedule


📌[Gyeonggi] Hwadam Forest Daffodil Festival

A festival where you can encounter a variety of daffodils in Hwadam Forest

⏰Festival Dates: ~April 28, 2024 


📌[Chungnam] Million Blossoms Spring Flower Festival

A festival brimming with a variety of spring flowers including tulips and daffodils

⏰Festival Dates: ~May 26, 2024



Royal azalea🌺


Beloved for their vibrant colors and shapes, Royal azaleas are a springtime favorite.

Visit a Royal azalea festival and enjoy a delightful spring picnic amidst the blooms.



2024 Royal azalea Festival Schedule


📌[Gyeonggi] Gunpo Royal azalea Festival

An Royal azalea festival unfolding in Gunpo

⏰Festival Dates: ~April 28, 2024 


📌[Sejong] Beartree Park Royal azalea Festival

A splendid Royal azalea festival that will be the grand finale of the flower events

⏰Festival Dates: ~May 6, 2024



Experience the symphony of flowers in Korea🌷 

Embark on a spring journey in Korea, filled with the scents of the season🚗


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