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A Korean Folk Village with a 600-Year History: Andong Hahoe Village


Andong Hahoe Village preserves the quintessential appearance of a traditional Korean folk village. 

It is a beautiful village where the history and traditions of Korea are deeply ingrained. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site🏆, it captivates many with its rich history and scenic natural landscapes.🌳



The meaning of Hahoe Village


The Korean pronunciation of Hahoe Village is "Hahoe Ma-eul".

Hahoe Village was named for its unique shape, which resembles the Nakdong River🏞️ encircling and flowing around the village in a circular motion. Doesn't the village's shape, embraced by the Nakdong River, perfectly match its name?😃



Historical Space


Andong Hahoe Village is a clan village of the Pungsan Ryu family, boasting over 600 years of history, where the lineage of the Pungsan Ryu clan has been rooted. 


©KTO-Yangji New Film 


This village represents a quintessential clan community in Andong, preserving its historical continuum from the Joseon Dynasty to the present.


©KTO-DNA Studio 


It has gained recognition as a site visited by dignitaries, including Queen Elizabeth II👑 of the United Kingdom and President Bush🧐 of the United States.



Celebration of Tradition and Culture


Andong Hahoe Village preserves a wealth of traditions and cultures, enriched by its extensive history. Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it enchants visitors with the Hahoe Mask DanceDance🎭 and various traditional cultural festivities.😁



Notably, the Hahoe Mask Dance, designated as an important Intangible Cultural Heritage, allows a glimpse into Korea's enduring traditions.



The Beauty of Nature


The breathtaking natural landscapes are among the highlights of Andong Hahoe Village. Encircled by the Nakdong River, the village boasts lush pine woods and the picturesque Buyongdae Cliff at its forefront.🌲 



This setting offers a serene backdrop for experiencing the tranquility of traditional Korean houses nestled within nature.

Explore Andong Hahoe Village through video and uncover the rich traditions and culture of Korea encapsulated within!🥰



Andong Hahoe Village is a beautiful destination where the history and traditions of Korea intertwine, ensuring you'll be enchanted by its allure. 

📌If you're in the midst of planning a trip, visiting this village is highly recommended.



Now, are you ready to set off on your Hahoe Village adventure?😘


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