[Lamy Cosmetics] CATALINA GEO Color Capsule Makeup Base 35ml


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* Voulme : 35ml
* Function : Essence & Base makeup
* Skin Type : All Skin Type
* How to use :
1. Pump an appropriate amount onto the back of your hand.
2. Choose a color matching your skin tone and mix well with the essence ingredient on the back of your hand.
3. Smoothly apply onto the skin from the inside outwards in the following order: cheeks -> forehead -> chin ->nose.
4. The skin tone is more cleanly and evenly distributed.
* Manufacturer& distributor : LAMY COSMETICS
* Made in Korea
* Period of use :
※ Before opening - 3 year
※ After opening - 1 year
* Precautions for use :
1. If there is some symptoms as follows, stop to use instantly. If you keep using, it causes to worsen symptoms. Please consult a dermatologist.
※ having some symptoms like a strawberry marks, swelling, itching, stimulus etc.
※ having some symptoms to applied parts by the direct rays of the sun.
2. don't use to the wound or parts of eczema and dermatitis etc.
3. If getting it in your eyes during using, bathes your eyes enough with running water.

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[Lamy Cosmetics] CATALINA GEO Color Capsule Makeup Base 35ml

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