[KOREAN HEAVEN RED GINSENG] Korean Red Ginseng Soft Capsule Gold (550 mg*180 Caps)


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1. Type : Red Ginseng Soft Capsule (550 mg * 180 Caps)
2. Volume (Qty) : 180 Caps
3. Country of Origin : South Korea
4. Expiry Date : Stated on the product package
5. Main ingredients : Red Ginseng Extract 21% , The young antlers of the deer extract 1.5%
6. Nutrition Facts : Red Ginseng Extract (Ginsenoside Rg1 + Rb1 + Rg3 Total 7 mg/g , Solid powder over : 60% ,
from South Korea 6-Years Red Ginseng Root ) 21% , The young antlers of the deer extract (Solid power 2% South Korea) 1.5% ,
Bracket fungi extract (solid powder 2%)1.0% , Soy bean oil , Coconut oil , DL - alpha - tocopherol (Vitamin E) .
7. Method of keeping : GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) of Korea FDA , Granted food
8. Manufacturer : Finenatural industry co.,ltd
9. Country of Manufacture : South Korea
10. Quality Assurance Standards : ISO 9001 : 2000 Acquired recognition
11. Other : GMP Designated establishment
12. Method of Application : Take two capsules a time and two times a day , after meal , take them with water .
♦ About Red Ginseng  ? 

   Red ginseng is made through the process of steaming with it is feel intact and drying it to make it is moisture content to less than 15% . 

 During the process , the color of ginseng becomes reddish brown and the texture becomes very hard . It is difficult to keep ginseng as 

fresh ginseng for a long time for it has around 75% of moisture content . It is likely to be decomposed by microbes or its won enzymes 

during the distribution , which will reduce it's value as a product . Through processing and drying of ginseng , red ginseng is made to

prevent the pollution from germs , molds and microbes and reduce the volume and weight in order to make it easier to store and transport .

The development of measurement and quality management of saponins , ginseng is effectual components made it possible to minimize 

the decomposition of saponins during the processing . In addition , effectual component such as material and G-Rh 2 are also produced

in addition to saponins . In order to enhance the convenient of application and fulfill the preference of customers various red ginseng 

products are being developed and processing methods are being diversified . Depending on the quality of red ginseng , it is classified

into five different grades including Chonsam , Jisam , Yangsam , Julsam and Misam , Various kinds of red ginseng products are being

produced to meet the different tastes and preference . Red Ginseng is the representative Korean health supplement that has various function .


♦ Characteristic

After extracting effectual component are extracted from 6-years old rooted Korean Red Ginseng

and bracket fungi and adding vitamins , Korean Red Ginseng is made into soft gelatin capsule   !

♦ Main products shipping 

550 mg/g * 180 Caps   ←  Blister  Packing 

♦ Efficacy of Red Ginseng :  Recovery  vigor , Recovery  Fatigue  ,  Boost  immunity  ,  Blood  circulation  improve  , Improve  memory  !!

1) Improve one's vigor and fitness : Resist vitality and frustration. Improve weakness , Recovering from Fatigue and Improving Health .

2) Enhancement of blood circulation : It helps the blood and makes the pulse even ,  Enhancement of blood circulation and immunity .

3) Tranquilizing the mind : Nourish the heart and tranquilizing the mind , Normalization and anti stress of the heart .

4) Help produce saliva and slake thirst : Refill and slake the thirst , Controlling endocrine and diabetes, and helps adult diseases

5) Prevent asthma lung :  Improve the lung function and stop coughing , Mitigation of lung function, respiratory diseases , etc.

6) Strengthen the spleen the bloodstream  :  Harden one's stomach and reduce diarrhea , Helps to increase appetite and reinforce the stomach system such as diarrhea .

7) Neutralize poison & Remedy swollen : Take the poison out of the body and heal the swollen , Helps prevention skin diseases and skin care . 

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Mila Ort 33/02/2019 03/02/201917:25
  • Quality:
It’s a very good product.
Been using for around two weeks. Take one pill in the morning and one at lunch . I have more focus and energy.
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Charley Akins 02/01/2019 03/01/201919:41
  • Quality:
It’s a very good product.
I would recommend this to everyone
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Joseph E. 59/03/2019 01/03/201921:31
  • Quality:
Product is easy to take and after several weeks have felt better, less sluggish with more overall energy.
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3 Item(s)

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