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The Korean Folk Village located on the landform of more than 243 acres having a backdrop of mountains and facing a river is a typical village of the Joseon dynasty which was created by relocating and restoring about 270 actual houses.

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Lying in a spacious site of 990,000㎡ and in nature-given geomantic location ‘facing water and backgrounded by mountains’, Korean Folk Village (KFV) is a village from the Joseon period composed of real houses relocated from provinces of the country. Reconstructed through a long survey of houses remaining in different parts of the country and authentication by specialists, it is a real village from the Joseon period that unfolds in seasonal transformation scenes from everyday folk culture meticulously collected.


* Folk Village *  

The Korean Folk Village located on the landform of more than 243 acres having a backdrop of mountains and facing a river is a typical village of the Joseon dynasty which was  created  by  relocating  and restoring about 270 actual houses.


* Exhibition Hall *

- Korean Folk Museum : It exhibits rural life phase & traditional life culture in the late Joseon dynasty.

- The World Folk Museum : It displays some 3,000 folk artifacts collected from the  ve major oceans and 6 major continents.

- Mask Dance Exhibition Hall : It displays mask dances and masks around the country including ancestors’ satire and wits.

- Pottery Exhibition Hall : KFV Earthenware Exhibition Hall collects in one single place items of earthenware that provide a peek at the wisdom of our ancestors. First made in the period of Three Kingdoms, earthenware has since been used in close connection with the traditional life of our ancestors and at the same time provides excellent pieces for folk painting and patterns demonstrating artistic beauty. Earthenware Experience Hall, which provides an opportunity to make earthenware carrying natural leisure and richness, is a place loved by families, group or international visitors.


* Experience *


- Life Scenes Experience : Hand Millstone, Treadmill, Silk-Thread Reeling, etc. 

- Gwana (government o ce) & folk games : Torturing Implement experience, jail experience, Tuho (throwing sticks into a canister), Playing yut, etc.

- Traditional Crafts Demonstration : Tobacco pipe workshop, Hand fan workshop, Brassware workshop, etc.

- Charged experience : Horseback riding, Ferryboat riding, Traditional dyeing experience

* The above experiential activity is subject to change due to the weather condition and internal circumstances.


 * On-Season Festivals *

On-season festivals where visitors meet the tradition reinterpreted by modern sensibility, and enjoy the pleasure of traditions.


- Boisterous Story of Countryside in winter : December ~ January

- The Play from Those Old Days : February ~ March

- Welcome to Joseon : April~May

- The countryside story in summer : June~August

- Historical Korean Drama Festival : October~November (* 2nd award of Korean historical movie star Young Ae lee)


 * Traditional Art Performance *

It’s a special performance of the Korean Folk Village, which revives elegant beauty and mirth unique to our nation into the present.   - Farmer's Music & Dance / - Equestrian Feats / - Traditional Wedding Ceremony / - Fusion B-boy Dance

* Amusement Village 12 animals Zodiac *

Another world in Korean Folk Village! The amusement village full of thrilling pleasure.

* The first & most representative place for filming location for historical drama & movies in Korea *

The Korean Folk Village, which has been a major shooting location for popular historical dramas and movies, such as Daejanggeum(Jewel in the Palace)(2003), Sungkyungwan Scandal(2010), The Moon that Embraces the Sun(2012), Physiognomy(Face Reading)(2013), A Man from Another Star(2014), and Yungryongie Narsha(Flying Six Dragons(2016), etc. , is getting attention as Hallyu(The Korean wave) Tourist Attaction. Why don’t you make unforgettable memories along elegant housing and landscapes which have become the background of the famous scenes in historical dramas?


* Directions *

* Notice *

Please refrain from doing a behavior that could do damage to other visitors. · Some items are prohibited from bringing into the Village for your safety and pleasant viewing (bicycle, quick board, inline skate, ball, radio-controlled boarding apparatus, etc.)

· The following behavior is prohibited. (Monetary transaction on tickets, carrying-in of dangerous articles, sales of goods,  photographing for commercial purpose, etc.)

· No pets allowed except for guide dogs for visually handicapped and hearing-impaired person.

·Smoking is available only in a designated area.

· Various facilities and performances could be used for news coverage, ads, sales promotion activity and products for sale, etc. We ask for your understanding because audience’s appearance might be photographed.

· All performances and facilities are subject to change according to the  weather situation.

If you have any questions, please send an email to here → help@seoulpass.kr

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