Korea Natural Vitamin Freeze drying Jeju Red Beet Powder 2g x 30ea Made in korea

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Red beet beneficial to the body, Why should we take in powder form?
Freeze drying: Jeju Red Beet Powder Tok
Freeze-dried red beet grown in the clean environment of Jeju to contain nutrients and dietary fiber.
Last night, if you ate a lot of sodium, take Jeju's Red Beet, which is high in potassium to help release sodium.
<Do you know that Beet is good for your health?>
Red Beet with lots of potassium! If you ate delicious food on the weekends, you will be worried about your grown face and body on Monday. If you eat foods high in sodium, sodium enters your body's cells instead of potassium. Sodium absorbs moisture from the body into the cell due to osmotic pressure. Then, the body swells. If you ate the food with a lot of sodium, normalize your body with Red Beet Powder with a lot of potassium.

<Red Beet with Rich Dietary Fiber>
Excretion from the body is as important as ingestion. Through excretion, bad substance of our body comes out. Dietary fiber aids in this excretion. For people with poor bowel movements, take Red Beet, which is high in fiber.

<Vitamin-Rich Red Beet>
Your body needs vitamins for a vibrant day. People who can't get vitamins from foods take vitamin pills. But the best way is to take vitamins from foods like vegetables.

Red Beet, why should we take Freeze-dried powder?
The powder contains more fiber than in juice. How much fiber is in one powder?
<The secret of freeze drying! Absorbed into the body without losing vitamins>
Red Beet is a typical superfood Including anthocyanins known for their antioxidants, alkaloids that excrete waste products, betaines that protect blood vessels, and iron and vitamins for women.
But Red Beet doesn't taste good. However, unfortunately, Red Beet, heated and juiced, loses vitamins and fiber. So Jeju Red Beet Powder Tok is made by freeze drying method to preserve the nutrition of Beet and make it easier to eat

<What is the freeze drying method?>
The freeze drying method freezes the object and lowers the surrounding temperature removing the object's moisture to prevent material deterioration, cell damage and nutrient loss. This way you can easily enjoy Red Beet.
Freeze-dried Mega Beet is easily soluble in water and easily eaten with water.
It can be enjoyed with ice in hot summer like juice.
How to take Red Beet Powder
After eating food with a lot of sodium, take Red Beet Powder with water, yogurt and salad

<Product Information Details>
Product name: Jeju Red Beet Powder Tok
Manufacturer: Namyang Pharmaceutical Farming Corporation
Jeju distributor: Jeju herb cooperative
Raw material: Beet powder 100% (from Jeju)
Amount: 2g x 30ea
Expiration date: Note below of the product
Date of manufacture: marked separately Extract

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Important information

Food type powder
Ingredients Beet powder 100% (from Jeju)
Nutrition Facts Not Applicable
Expiration date​ 13/07/21
Manufacturer Namyang Pharmaceutical Farming Corporation
Method of keeping Storage Precautions: Keep away from high temperature, high humidity, direct sunlight and air. Take as soon as possible after opening.
Quality Assurance Standards N/A
Other 1544-6051

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