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It is an innovative DIY nail art that is not as complex ans difficult as the existing method of nail art.
it entails selecting the pattern that one wants from various image plates
ans easily moving them to finger nail wising the stamping method.

1) Volume: 160g
2) Expiration date : 3 years from date of manufacture
3) How to use :
4) Made in KOREA
5) Ingredients : Ethyl Acetate , Buthyl Acetate , Camphor , Nitrocelluose , Stearalkonium , Hectorite , Tocopheryl Acetate ETC.

(1) Apply the polish to your nails and let it dry.
(2) Apply the special nail polish on your desired image.
(3) Erect the scraper at 45° and quickly scrape the covered polich from left to right.
(4) Immediately afterward, use the stamp your desired image by rolling.
(5) The image will then move tot the stamp as is.
(6) Lightly roll the image on the stamp to your nail to stamp again.
(7)Finish with a top coating for the image to last for a long time and for its color to remain vivid.
(8) Complete the delicate Stamping nail art.

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