Frequently Asked Questions


I cannot remember my account information.


You can log in to Kmall24 using your email address.

If you cannot remember the sign in email address, please contact the Kmall24 support team.

If you forgot your password, click on FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD? to receive a reset link and reset the password.

How do I change my personal information or address? 


You may change personal information such as name, sign in email address, and password by clicking on My Account > Account Information. Sign in and click on the person icon at the top right of the website (beside the heart and shopping bag) to find My Account. On mobile devices, you can find Account Information using the hamburger menu icon to the left of the title bar.

You can also edit or add your billing/shipping addresses at My Account > Address Book.

When will I receive my package?


When an order has been placed, the seller prepares and sends your order to the Kmall24 warehouse in Korea which normally takes 2-5 business days.

At the warehouse, we check the parcel, measure its weight, and ship it out to your destination.

Warehouse processing normally takes 1-2 business days.

Tracking details will be available once international shipping begins.

Shipping times depend on the chosen shipping method and your location.

Below are estimated shipping times for each method.

- DHL : 3-7 business days

- EMS : 3-7 business days

- K-Packet : 2-8 weeks

Upon arrival in your country, the shipment may get held at customs.

In this case, a delay in delivery could occur.

If you receive any notification from customs, please respond and follow their instructions.

Why does my online credit card payment fail?  

Transaction Failed? Check for possible reasons.

Usually the problem is one of the followings when the transaction failed :


1. Expired Card / Entered wrong information

- Please check your card information again and make sure that it is valid

2. Foreign Transaction Blocked

- Kmall24 shows price in dollars as a reference, but the actual payment is made in KRW.

- Please check with your card company that there is no issue with making the transaction for the amount in KRW.

3. 3D Secure Verification not set up

- To prevent fraud transactions, Kmall24 only accepts transaction of 3D Secure Certified cards.

- After entering your card information, 3D Secure Certified cards will go through a self-verification process provided by the credit card issuer.

- Transaction process is completed after this verification step.



To complete your purchase on Kmall24, please contact your card company and have all these issues cleared.

For questions regarding 3D Secure Verification policy for your credit card, please check the link below.


➣Mastercard: SecureCode

➣Visa: Visa Secure


➣JCB: J/Secure

How can I use a coupon code?   

Coupon codes can be applied during checkout. Only one coupon code can be used at one time.

If the coupon code is not working, please contact us.

How do I calculate shipping fees? Do I need to pay taxes?


The shipping costs are calculated based on the destination country and the size and weight of the package. You can check the estimated shipping costs at the Shopping Cart. The final shipping costs will be added to your total according to the delivery address you enter during checkout.

The customer will be responsible for any customs tax, import duties, goods and services tax (GST), value added tax (VAT), or any similar customs-related fees.

Sellers are not responsible for delays due to customs.

Can I cancel my order?


Cancellation may only be made before the seller ships the item for delivery (usually within 1-2 business days after the purchase) and requests may be made at My Account > Returns. 

Even if your order status is “processing,” cancellations cannot be made if the seller has already shipped the items to the Kmall24 warehouse.

Requests for cancellations/ returns/ exchanges should be made directly to the seller. 

I received wrong/partial/damaged items. 


Returns may only be made through My Account > Returns once the goods have been received.

The seller will be responsible for return shipping costs in case you have received defective or unwanted items and your claim submitted through My Account > Returns is confirmed to be valid. Please do not forget to attach photos of the defective or unwanted item to prove the claim.

* Please note that refunds/exchanges may be restricted after purchase has been confirmed

(Purchase confirmation is made when the buyer clicks ‘confirm purchase’ on the order form or automatically 7 days after the goods have been received, or 60 days after the goods have been delivered.)

Can I return or exchange the item I purchased?


Returns may only be made through My Account > Returns within 7 days after the goods have been received.

Eligibility for refund is determined after consultation with the seller. The refund request may be denied if the buyer cannot return the item due to product properties, deformation or other reasons. Costs related to returns shall be borne by the buyer for reasons attributable to the buyer. The refund process may be delayed if you do not make payment for any additional fee.

(* Please take note that requests for returns purely due to the buyer’s change of mind may only be made within 7 days after the product had been received.)

Which currencies does Kmall24 accept?


All prices are listed in USD. During the checkout process, your total will be converted into KRW based on daily exchange rates. You will ultimately be charged the total KRW amount. There might be a foreign transaction fee imposed by a bank/credit card company. 

Do you ship to my country?


Kmall24 delivers your purchase to over 100 countries. Please check the shipping methods that are available for the specific destination country.

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