[DR.LEEWONSEOK] Dr.LeeWonSeok's 2 Step Thread lifting Aquagloss Mask(10EA)


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Dr. LeeWonSeok's 2 Step Thread lifting Aquagloss Mask

Anti-aging pack without surgery

Dr. LEEWONSEOK Master of Thread Lifting Plastic Surgery

1. Thread lifting is developed on the basis of thread lifting plastic surgery.

Special medical Mask which promotes skin elasticity and lifting
Applying the melting thread that contains hyaluronic acid, collagen, etc. used for thread
lifting plastic surgery.

2. 5 differences of Thread Lifting Mask

- The first medical mask which introduced thread lifting surgery method
- High satisfaction with Immediate lifting effects
- Very simple use with one piece mask that completes skin lifting
(Removing the trouble of previous gluey patch type and ear hanging type mask)
- Perfect harmony of lifting and moisture
- Effective moisture, elasticity, skin aquagloss with the moisture lifting technique

3. Components of Thread aquagloss mask
1 step high enriched essence 2g
2 step special design thread lifting mask that laminates wrinkles, Deflection of skin, chin, lips side line and nasolabial line


The Hospital Direct of Plastic Surgery-Dermatology

1매입 (1Set)
1set = 20 USD
1Box = 300EA / 1Set = 10EA
1 SET(10EA) : 15.5 * 20 * 4 cm, 430 g *1EA : 1 step = 2 g, 2 step = 28 g [B2B] 1 BOX = 30 SET (300 EA, 48 * 42 * 23 cm, 15 kg)

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