[ACSTORY] Control regeneration cream (50ml)


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Control regeneration cream
- Easing scar!
- Intensive moisturizing, elastic, nutrition control
- Easing a troubled sink’s scar
- Rapid skin regeneration after dermatology treat
- Rapid regenerating of ceratoid layer and damaged skin
- For easing a redness skin
- Easing scar : Cream ease scar such as red and brown mark made by trouble, and ease the skin color.
- Controlling skin balance of oil and moisture : It controls a balance of troubled, acne, sensitive skin which easily becomes unbalance of oil and moisture and increases moisture and elastic to rough skin.
- Recovering the skin elasticity : You can keep soft and smooth skin by eliminating rough dead skin and managing the drooping skin.
- Creating a protective layers : By helping to create natural protective layers, your skin will be kept moisture and be protected from external condition. The layers enlarge the skin’s level of immunity and protect skin troubles.

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