[ACSTORY]Control effect serum(45ml)


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Oil-free sedation/moisturizing serum have enough high concentration natural moisturizing substance which helpful for normalizing balance of damaged skin.

- Vital skin - Balance control - Highly enriched essence
- Giving vitality to troubled skin and returning a balance between oil and moisture!
- Highly enriched natural moisturizing essence

- Control a balance of troubled skin : Serum control a broken balance of damaged skin and give a vitality to weary skin.
- Sedating and protecting from skin trouble : Including natural elements such as tea tree, coenzyme Q10, vitamin, serum sedates skin trouble and protects it by removing a bacteria causing skin trouble.
- Highly enriched natural moisturizing : Natural moisture factors such as Ceramide, Betaglucan make a moist skin.
- Supplying moisture and elastic to sensibility skin : Sensibility skin, after dermatology treat, is given vitality, elasticity, and moisture.
- A.C.Story / Control Effect Serum : Control effect serum normalizes a broken balance of damaged skin and includes large quantity of highly enriched natural moisturizing elements.

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