[Bugs-pet] Vegetable Dog Kit (250g*2ea, 50g*3ea, 5g*5ea)


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*Kit composition
-. Food Therapy(0.55Ib, 1ea), Vegan Therapy(0.55Ib,1ea), Vegi-mix 3-kinds(0.11Ib, 3ea), Vegi-stick(0.011Ib, 5ea)

-. Food Therapy :
. Consisting of a vegetable protein containing 8 kinds vegetables and allergic reactions
. Subsidiary feed containing insect protein
. Hyper allergenic
-. Vegan Therapy :
. Subsidiary feed containing only 7 kinds of vegetables
-. Vegi-mix :
. Vegetable flakes made with domestic vegetables at low temperature heat treatment
. Organic nutrition for the health of domesticated meat
. Insect protein is added to prevent puppy liver function
-. Vegi-stick :
. Vegetable snack that can be easily added to a feed packaged with a stick.


*Kit composition
- Food Therapy(0.55Ib*1ea), Vegan Therapy(0.55Ib*1ea), Vegi-mix 3-kinds(0.11Ib*3ea), Vegi-stick(0.011Ib*5ea)








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XIUZHEN 356/12/2019 23/12/201900:52
  • more than 1 year(s)
  • Quality:
Pet Food Review 宠物用品使用评测
The product has been tried for a while, the overall feeling is not bad, but in terms of experience, there is not much feeling beyond expectations, the design of the product is quite good, in line with the aesthetics of young people, the dissatisfaction is that there are not too many bright spots. In fact, this product requires a longer experience, and the effect of different pets may be different. There are many similar products in China. I feel that the product itself does not have many advantages, and that the samples sent so far have not been labeled in Chinese (perhaps because your domestic market has not yet begun). I think you are doing this trial survey in the early stage. When should we make some preparations for this market, such as adding a Chinese description or label on the product or the package. In terms of price, because there are so many similar products in China, the general price is about ten to twenty, so if you enter it, you won't feel much competitiveness. As for marketing, as distributors, we generally do not participate in the early marketing of brand products. As a brand, we should arrange according to our own plans.
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SHIWEI 353/12/2019 20/12/201908:48
  • more than 1 year(s)
  • Quality:
Vitamins are very important for dogs. Although dogs can also synthesize many vitamins, for dogs, they still need external vitamin supplements. Dogs lack vitamins for many reasons like humans For example, changes in the living environment, picky eaters, indigestion or pregnancy and breastfeeding, etc., these reasons may lead to metabolic disorders in dogs. Over time, some physical discomforts will occur.
Vitamin deficiency symptoms in dogs:
Vitamin A deficiency in dogs: skin disease and vision loss.
Lack of Vitamin D in Dogs: Abnormal reactions in bones and teeth can cause calcium deficiency.
Dogs lack vitamin E: Edema in the liver.
Lack of vitamin K in dogs: decreased anemia resistance.
Lack of vitamin B in dogs: It will directly affect the hematopoietic function of dogs.
Now do n’t worry about adding vitamins to dogs. This vegetable chip dog food from South Korea has solved all the problems. Dogs with super taste also like it.

狗狗缺乏维生素 A :会出现皮肤病,视力下降。
狗狗缺乏维生素 D :会出现骨骼和牙齿出现异常反应,从而导致缺钙。
狗狗缺乏维生素 E :肝脏会出现水肿。
狗狗缺乏维生素 K :会发生贫血抵抗力下降。
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ZHIYING 284/10/2019 12/10/201908:10
  • more than 1 year(s)
  • Quality:
Vegetable Dog Kit
The product is very new. The dog ’s body is the same as that of humans, and they need to be supplemented with vitamins. This vegetable slice can be prepared for dogs and will not easily deteriorate. This product has a unique positioning and great market potential, but you need to find a unique selling points.
There should be at least some Chinese signs in the Chinese market, because the text in them cannot be understood, and they do not know what it is. Therefore, it needs to be improved in this regard. It will take a lot of time for the excrement officer to understand this and it will lose many markets. There is also a need to improve the packaging, to adapt to the Chinese, and the brand and positioning need to be clear. Because this is relatively empty in China, it is necessary to grasp the more painful problem of shoveling officials to improve product awareness.
China does not have similar products for now, only vegetable flakes for people. Therefore, there is no comparison product, but we need to improve the market positioning and product information, because I can't find it on the entire network.
In terms of product marketing, you can increase your popularity through online talents and grass cultivation; attract pets to attract people in vertical fields; combine discount activities to distribute goods on multiple platforms, preferably with soft text and frequent exposure. Deepen the crowd.
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Diana 254/09/2019 12/09/201906:06
  • more than 1 year(s)
  • Quality:
my dog's favourite vegetable food
I've got Food Therapy, Vegan Therapy, Vegi-mix 3-kinds, and Vegi-stick for my dog's food.

this Food Therapy Consisting 8 kinds vegetables and allergic reactions,
subsidiary feed containing insect protein, and hyper allergenic.

Vegan Therapy: Subsidiary feed containing only 7 kinds of vegetables

Vegi-mix : Vegetable flakes made with domestic vegetables at low temperature heat treatment, Organic nutrition for the health of domesticated meat,
Insect protein is added to prevent puppy liver function

Vegi-stick : Vegetable snack that can be easily added to a feed packaged with a stick.

this kit is all packaged product. it looks and tastes great to my dog!

Thank you so much @kitagmp @kitajktcenter @kmall24_official

#kmall24 #GMP #GlobalMarketingPanel #kitajakartacenter
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4 Item(s)

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