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Celebrities beauty tips and expert know-how brought together in one brand = Korea No. 1 Beauty Show, Get it Beauty ceLABrity offers you this ultimate trio - Clarifying Skin Starter, Multi Energy Serum, and Velvet Cream!

Clarifying Skin Starter: Daily mild exfoliator containing BHA & Calendula that helps remove dead skin cells while promoting healthier skin turnover cycles.
It also helps maintain even skin tone and prepares your skin for better absorption for your next skin care products to apply on skin!

* Volume / Qty: 100ML * 1ea

* Main ingredients: ECO-3-FR complex (soothing mineral supplement), BHA (dead skin care without stimulation), Centella Extract (calms sensitive skin)

* How to Use:
1) After cleansing, spray thoroughly at lest 30cm from face with your eyes closed.
2) For intensive care, wet a cotton pad with teh Skin Starter and wipe it over the skin.

Multi Energy Serum: A rich and smooth, oil-like serum activated to reduce and improve wrinkle conditions. Moisturization whenever you need it without that tacky, sticky feeling! Goes well with skin care and make up products that lack in moisture content. Show off that healthy skin from morning until night! (Skin Micro-Relief Improvements)

* Volume / Qty: 30ML * 1ea

* Main Ingredients: ECO-3-FR Complex, Hibiscus Sabdariffa Flower Extract, Nelumbo Nucifera Flower Extract

ECO-3-FR complex: soothing mineral supplement
Hibiscus Sabdariffa Flower Extract: For a smooth and elastic skin texture
Nelumbo Nucifera Flower Extract: Improves skin tone plus antioxidant effect

* How to Use
1) Before and after using emulsion (lotion), massage 2 - 3 drops into face and neck
2) Use morning and/or night alone or in conjunction with your regular products such as cream and foundation

Velvet Cream: Non-sticky, adjust moisture and oil balance. Ceramide and Shea butter creates a firm yet refreshing moisture barrier on the skin. Serves as a moisture protective filler for that velvety smooth skin prior to make up. Improving the wrinkles and uneven areas of the skin by controlling sebum and "plumping" the skin.

* Volume / Qty: 50ML * 1ea

* Main Ingredients: ECO-3-FR complex, Ceramide NP, Shea Butter

ECO-3-FR complex: Soothing mineral supplement
Ceramide NP: Protects the skin from harmful substances and promotes vitality
Shea Butter: Replenishes moisture, helps regenerate damaged skin and aids in anti-inflammation

* How to Use: As the last step for basic care, apply a decent amount of content on the face and spread evenly.

* Caution: Avoid contact with eyes

* Made in Korea

* Expiration date: marked on product

* Use by: 12 months after opening for all 3 products

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