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[Gamssane] Yoru Wide Leg Pants (Free Size)


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[Gamssane] Yoru Wide Leg Pants
- Cool and Comfortable Wide Pants 풍기인견 감싸네

This is made of Artificial silk(Viscose Rayon).
Made in Korea

| Size | FREE |
| Waist(cm) | 72cm |
| Length(cm) | 84cm / 90cm |

* This measurement may have an error of 2~3 cm.

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What is Gamssane's Punggi viscose-rayon 풍기인견 감싸네?  (Introduction of Punggi viscose-rayon)

This product is a famous local specialty in Korea.

Every summer in Korea is very popular.

There are still many people in the world who don't know.

If you try it on, I'm sure you'll buy it again.

What did you do to cool off?

How about this product this summer?

Viscose-rayon is natural and pure cellulose fiber extracted from wooden pulp.

Rayon fabric is most famous and suitable for summer wear due to it’s unique properties which are light and cool, and very soft feeling.

Rayon feels very cool and refresh because it has fast absorption of sweat and little electricity Rayon’s good air permeability prevents prickly heat

from body skin. It is very good for the human specially has weak and sensitive skin like as a baby or old people with allergic and atopic skin,

because it is vegetable and natural fiber. Moreover, it is really good items for old people. It is very good for person with over heat in body

because Rayon fabric has cold feelings due to raw materials came from wood. Rayon has very reasonable price comparing

with other famous fabrics for summer season like as ramie fabric, hemp cloth etc. Rayon is very popular for Night wear,

Dressing gown in specially Fall& Winter season. We sales all kinds of clothing items including man's shirts, young's wear, bedding covers, etc ...

Rayon is available to wash using Washing Machine and recommended to wash by putting it into net when using the machine.

Because it is natural cellulose fiber, if it is ironed after laundry, soft material quality and touch is refreshed.

Rayon should be washed alone to avoid coming out it’s own dyestuff. Do not use Fabric Conditioner while washing. Do not use a dryer.

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