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The red food ingredients such as pomegranates, tomatoes and paprika build up the protection barrier to help revive rough and lifeless skin to make smooth and elastic skin

┃POINT┃ Intensive treatment to revive dry and sagging skin to be super firmed

FORMULA 1 40g / FORMULA 2 5g

Healthy and Vital Skin
★ It’s a single use facial mask that you pour the liquid types of formula 1 and formula 2 in a standup pouch and use.
★ To keep the true innate and healthy beauty of the skin like salad that keeps the fresh taste of the ingredients, it’s based on 4 kinds of color food ingredients, BLACK/WHITE/YELLOW/RED.
★ A modeling mask providing rich hydration as well as CALMING/GLOW/NUTRITION/ELASTICITY to the dull and sagging skin

Main Ingredients : Pomegranate, Tomatoes, Paprika, Strawberries

1. Cut out straight on the cut off line on the both edges of the standup pouch.
2. Unfold the bottom of a standup pouch, make it the shape like a salad bowl.
Tip - After cutting a standup pouch, fold the cutting line and use.
1. Take out the included Fresh Food(formula 1) and Dressing(formula 2) and pour into a standup pouch.
2. Mix it quickly for around 1 minute using the included spatula as if making a dough.
3. Mix the formulas completely and apply a even and thick layer on face using a spatula.
4. Leave the mask on face for around 20-30 minutes till it completely dries.
5. When the mask dries, peel it off from the outer edge upwards.
6. Finish it with basic skincare routines and notice your richly hydrated skin!

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