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Fucocentella inspired by the effects of fucoidan and centella asiatica Replenish the life force of nature to your fatigued skin with Ovalla's Fucocentella Energizing Essenskin
Fucocentella inspired by the effects of fucoidan and centella asiatica Replenish the life force of nature to your fatigued skin with Ovalla's Fucocentella Energizing Essenskin

Product Description

Fatigured skin, repaired with the life force of nature
FUCOCENTELLA™ 8 Peptide Comples Hypoallergic Slight Acid Formula Skin irritation test completed Allergen Free Eco-friendly package

Repair with the life force of nature
Fucocentella inspired by the effects of fucoidan and centella asiatica
Replenish the life force of nature to your fatigued skin with Ovalla's Fucocentella Energizing Essenskin
Repair Solution 01 Fucoidan, life force found at the ocean

It is a valuable ingredient that only 0.3% of it can be extracted from 1 kg of seaweed, and it has strong skin autogenic power reinforcement and moisturization effects.
Moisturization Effect

-After 1 week of application, the skin moisture amount has been compared
-It only shows the characteristics of the ingredients
Repair Solution 02 Centella Asiatica, life force found at the forest

Known as 'Byeongpul,' centalla asiatica has madecassic acid in its leaves and stems, which is known for its skin autogenic power reinforcement and strong soothing effect.
Skin Soothing Effect

-After applying emulsions with centella asiatica extract, the redness of the skin has been compared.
-It only shows the characteristics of the ingredients
Repair Solution 03 Science, completes the repair.
Madecassoside, Ceramide NP, TECA, Peptide Complex

It has scientific ingredients that activate Step 1. Skin Soothing, Step 2. Skin Structure Protection, Step 3. Skin Remodeling's Skin Repair Process
Hypoallergic Weak Acid Formula
The optimal balance for comfortable skin

Why? Is hypoallergic slight acid formula is important for skin protection?

The weak acid formula set within pH5.0~6.5 range according to the standard of KFDA balances the pH balance and protects the skin from external environment.
Fucocentella Energizing Essenskin
Hypoallergic Essenskin for sensitive skin type

Essenskin that turns the skin into a moist and relaxed skin through immediate moisturization
Natural ingredients that reinforces the boosting effect of Essenskin
Witch Hazel
Pore and skin soothing
Monarda Didyma Leaf Extract
Excessive sebum and pore care
Anthemis Nobilis Flower Water
Skin soothing effect
Recommended for those :
  • Who want mild hypoallergic product for their skins that get red easily
  • Who want enough moisture to dry skins after washing faces
  • Who want the fundamental reinforcement of their skins
  • Who want to recover their skins damaged by stresses
Fucocentella™ Energizing
Essenskin Satisfaction Rate

Its special charm that only the ones who actually used it know
Customer satisfaction, referral rate (98%) ★★★★★

Moisturization 97%, Soothing effect 98%, Absorption 98%, Use sensation 99%
How to use
  1. After washing the face, portion adequate amount on palm and tap it on the face as if massaging it.
  2. It is stickier than regular toners, so it is also good to use cotton pads.
    -Portion it on cotton pads and apply it across the whole face as if wiping it.
    -Tap the remaining Essenskin on the surface to be absorbed.
Fucocentella™ collection
That recovers the skin's life force
Fucocentella™ Energizing Essencream
Skin smoothening and soothing boosting effect
Toner type with viscosity
Fucocentella™ Multi Repair Serum
Moisture/nutrient supply and wrinkle improvement effect
Soft and mist serum type
Fucocentella™ Revitalizing Intensive Cream
Strong moisturization and nutrient supply
Nourishing and refreshing cream type
Product Information Provision Notice
Volume and Weight 130ml
Expiration Date 12 months from the opening
Manufacturer and responsible distributor Natural Story Inc. / Balance Monster Inc.
Manufafcturing country Republic of Korea
Quality Guarantee Standard It there are any abnormalities for the product, it shall be compensated according to the notice of the Fair Trade Commission
Customer Center +82-2-558-6155
Runctional Cosmetic Screening Requirement None
Instruction Portion adequate amount and spread it evenly.
Caution 1. Consult with a specialist if there are any abnormal symptoms or side effects such as red spots, swelling, or itching in the applied area due to direct sunlight when using or after using the product.
2. Avoid using the product on areas with wounds.
3. Caution for handling and storing of the product A) Store it in places out of reach of children B) Store it in places away from the direct sunlight

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