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One bath without neutralizer Permanent "Manmo eco perm"

One-bath type permanent emulsion manufacturing process that emits far-infrared rays is a permanent technology manufacturing method which does not use a neutralizing agent (oxidizer).

We have patent and far infrared test report.
"VOLUME: 100ml

Expiration date : 3 years

How to use: See detailed description

Country of manufacture: Made in Korea

main ingredient: L-cysteine"

★The good thing about the one-bath type permanent emulsion.

1.Do not use Oxidizing agent (neutralizing agent) which is poisonous.

2. Almost no damage to hair.

3. Very good for human health.

4. Eco-friendly products

5. Permanent procedure time is shortened

6.Almost no odor after perm.

7. Prevention of water pollution

8. Easy to use even for beginners.

Manmo Eco perm Emulsion is convenient, no damage to scalp, and no odor after perm.

It opens ne eco-friendly Perm era !


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