[Dr.Denti] 7 Days Teeth Whitening Programme


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Product : [Dr.Denti] 7 Days Teeth Whitening Programme
Brand : Dr.Denti
Composition : Whitening gel 2.5g / Whitening patch 7 EA
Country Of Manufacture : South Korea
Period of use : Separately marked on the product
Main ingredient : Oxygen water[contains 2.8%]

Product Features
- The effect of whitening is authorized and registered as quasi-drug by the Ministry of Food and drug of Korea.
The free gift of the disclosing tablet for dental plaque
- You can make the better result via the dental disclosing tablet!
Dr.denti’s micro brush can apply whitening gel to all sides of teeth perfectly
No worry about saliva hindering the effect of whitening via Dr.denti patch
The patch type of tooth whitener protects tooth whiteners gel against saliva
You will not feel any uncomfortable feelings while using our patch type product at least for an hour


Dental treatment at a clinic is the most effective way to keep dental health, but it is costly to get a regular care. Therefore, Dr.denti is created for helping everyone get safe and convenient dental care based on dentists' experiences and researches.


│Product Info│

 * Product : Dr.denti 7Days Whitening Program( Teeth whitening kit)

 * Country Of Manufacture : Korea

 * Product includes : Whitening Brush (2.5ml) 1EA, Whitening Patch (Upper & lower teeth) 7EA, Tooth Chart, Instruction

 * Gift : Plaque Disclosing Tablet


l Main Features leditorimg

As applied the same technique that fashionably uses in dental clinics, 

Hydrogen peroxide which is included in Dr. denti’s whitening kit affects teeth’s pigments to eliminate and changes the color of teeth whiter. 

│Whitening Effect│

You can check the changes of teeth’s tone via the teeth shade chart. 

When using <7 Days whitening Program> for 1 week, you can see the difference within one week and the tone of teeth would be twice brighter than previous one.


 │Main Ingredients│

The key ingredient of teeth whitening is oxygenated water


Oxygenated water which is included in toothpaste decolorizes stains on teeth by arising a special reaction.

The oxygenated water makes the surface of the enamel of teeth which is ‘a colored layer’ much brighter by oxidizing the stains on teeth.

[Contains the oxygenated water 2.8%]


The characteristic of Micro Whitening Brush

1.Comprising the micro brush

(It is suitable for applying our products to the deeper side of tooth and gap between teeth)

2.Checking the remaining amount

(You can simply check the amount of whiting gel that left via a printed gradation along with the side of brush while you are applying our product)

3.Controlling the output of gel

(You can freely control the output of gel by turning right and light side)


Dr.denti's micro brush can be thoroughly and delicately applied in areas where a regular silicone brush and syringe types are hard to reach.

You know this?

Saliva in your mouth hinders the whitening reaction on teeth.

No worry about saliva hindering effect on teeth's whitening via Dr.denti patch

The patch type of tooth whitener protects tooth whiteners gel against saliva

You will not feel any uncomfortable feelings while using our patch type product at least for an hour 


The free gift of the disclosing tablet for dental plaque

You can make the better result via the dental disclosing tablet!

The dental disclosing table dyes only dental plaque and it allows you to make a right tooth brushing habit via checking plaque on teeth.

How to use the dental disclosing tablet


1.Take the dental disclosing tablet into mouth and rub your teeth using tongue while it is melting. Meanwhile, please do not swallow the solution and spit it out of mouth when you finish rubbing it


2.After spit the solution, rinse your mouth 2 or 3 times with water


3.If you have plaque on your teeth, it turns pink and it allows you to brush your teeth more efficiently by checking plaque. For the better result, you can use Dr.denti whitening toothpaste at the same time.

l How to Use l 


Step 1. Completely remove the foodparticles on your tooth, and dry the surface of the tooth.

(If you use an included dental plaque disclosing tablet, you can brush your teeth more effectively.)

and you may need to brush your teeth at least 3 minutes or more than that


Step 2. Carefully apply the dental bleaching gel on the surface of the teeth using Dr denti's brush. (The amount of single usage is about 3 ~ 4 squares of the teeth shown on the brush. Please be careful the gel does not touch the gums. )


Step 3. When you open the patch there are two films (one is for upper part of teeth and another is for lower part of teeth), apply the round side of film facing towards the gum.


Step 4. Remove those films after 60~90 minutes passed and rinse your mouth with water.

You can brush your teeth 1 hour after the patch is detached

(For the better result, we highly recommend to use our other dental products at the same period)


Step 5. When used it every once week, it keeps your teeth white.


Q : What should I do when I feel hurt or see blood from my gum

A : If you have a weak gum, you can feel hurt or bleed even from a delicate brushing. So stop using it a while and re-use it when it comes down

Q : Is it possible to use for sensitive teeth?

A : Yes, however, you can feel a dull pain or pain while the whitening ingredients are permeated into teeth. If the symptoms continue seriously, reduce usage count from 3times to 2 times per day. In the case of continuing the symptoms after changed the usage count, stop using it for 2 to 3 days and re-use it or see the doctor immediately! You can use the whitening tooth kit with toothpaste for alleviating a dull pain

Q : Does bleaching teeth inflict damage on teeth?

A : No. The mechanism of bleaching teeth is that teeth whitener eliminates stains by combining pigment or stain on teeth. So it does not have any direct actions on teeth

Q : Does it have any side-effect from bleaching teeth?

A : The method of bleaching teeth has been guaranteed by dentists across the globe and there are a lot of researches and clinical trials which have been conducted for its safety.

Q : What things should I remind while using the product?

A : The period of whitening effect would be dependent on individual’s lifestyle and the major reasons of colorizing teeth are strong color foods(such as coffee) and smoking. So you should brush your teeth after having a food or smoking in order to stop colorizing your teeth.

Since you applied the product, your teeth become vulnerable to the dying of color and activated whitening elements is remained on teeth for approximately 2 days. Therefore, please avoid having listed foods(below), and pay more attention to maintaining its effect


Red wine, pigments contained food such as tomato juice, grape, fruit juice, soy sauce, Kimchi, coffee, tea, cigarette, coke or other sodas including pigments contain beverage

Q : Does it have any problems when I swallow it?

A : Although the components of whitening gel are perfectly safe to human’s body, we do not recommend swallowing it while applying the patch. You can swallow saliva in your mouth, if there is too much of it

Q : What is the white spot on teeth After I used it

A : The white spot can be shown after the pigment and plaque removed(it is not created by the product it is your own teeth). So if you continue to use the whitening product, you can get a natural bright color of teeth

Q : What is the difference between dental whitening at a dental clinic and your product?

A : The difference between those two ways is the concentration of whitening components. The dentist can do dental whitening quickly and skillfully with a high concentration of whitening gel. However, if people without professional training need to use a low concentration of whitening gel due to safety matter. Dr.denti 7 days dental whitening program’s whitening gel’s also has a low concentration gel which is permitted by the Ministry of Food and drug of Korea but it is designed for having the same effect as dental clinic, if you use it for long.

Q : Should I brush my teeth or rinse my mouth right after detaching the patch?

A : Actually the components of the product are totally harmlessness to human’s body . Just in case, when you feel uncomfortable after detaching the patch, rinse your mouth with water. Do not brush your teeth for one hour, since you detached the patch due to fluorine which decreases the level of the activation of whitening gel 

Q : How often do I need to use whitening products?

A : It does not have any certain cycle. This is because the process of colorization is dependent on individual’s life style and it also has a big individual difference. You can use Dr.denti products every day for 2 to 4 weeks. For the better whitening effect, you need to use it for long.

After you feel satisfaction from changes in teeth, use whitening toothpaste for preventing further colorization. We recommend using Dr.denti whitening teeth products, when your teeth’s color turns back.

Q : Can I apply it to implant?

A : Unfortunately, it doesn’t have any effect on artificial teeth such as implant.

Q : Can I use whitening product during the period of Teeth Calibration?

A : Unfortunately if you are in Teeth Calibration period, you cannot apply the gel to your teeth. Moreover, even in the case of doing Teeth Calibration only inner side of teeth, we recommend you to consult with a dentist before using it.

Q : Do you have any cautions before using it?

A : We do not recommend using our product in the following conditions

Hypersensitivity to hydrogen peroxide, any infections or wounds in mouth, gum diseases, Sensitivity on teeth, faucal disease

Q : Is it possible to bleach the natural brown color teeth?

A : Unfortunately it cannot have a bleaching effect on natural brown color teeth. We recommend you to visit a dentist.

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